Neustadt-Wallhöfe Development, Hamburg Neighbourhood Diversity


The Wallhöfe development in Hamburg’s Neustadt district constitutes a new quarter, with office and hotel buildings and blocks of flats. Diverse aspects of use and a high degree of identification for the residents characterise the design of the outdoor premises. The semi-public internal courtyards are places of communication that extend an invitation to linger and offer young children a wide range of opportunities for play.

On the hardscaped, open court framed by large potted plants, tree-covered wooden decks form attractive, multifunctional zones of encounter. In the evening hours, pleasant light accents punctuate the paved open space by illuminating the trees.

Within the verdant garden courtyard, hedge elements delineate spaces and enclose lines of sight, preventing people from peering into the private gardens. A long row of wooden benches along the gardens promotes communication among the neighbours.


Neuer Steinweg GmbH & Co. KG, Rostock

Project period

2006 - 2010


4.200 m²




WES LandscapeArchitecture


Bieling Architekten, Hamburg
Architekturbüro Bernd Leusmann, Hamburg
Architekturbüro Reimer und Partner, Hamburg

Pictures of the project

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