We occupy ourselves intensely with the restructuring of spaces. Whether from an urban space or landscape architecture perspective.
We develop well-balanced open spaces. In doing so, we question prevailing principles, utilizing what already exists, calming it and stylising it.
Our skill lies in making the spirit of the location tangible, creating it, showing its substance. This ability usually also involves reticence.

Urban Spaces & Squares

Our work is characterised by an urban planning approach – from the masterplan to the development of visions for cities. Whether we are creating a stage for all social classes such as the Hamburger Jungfernstieg or the SOUTH BUND in Shanghai, or a well-established cosmopolitan city plaza like the Alexanderplatz in Berlin – when we plan plazas and open spaces in the city we value new, striking propositions with a comprehensible design. Ranging from the highlighting of existing values to the complete redevelopment – the goal is always to achieve an exceptional, concrete and precise solution.
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Education & Research

When we plan the open spaces for performance and science, such as Jacobs University Bremen or the Unipark Nonntal in Salzburg, we develop locations in which minds can develop freely. We embed zones and functional features, which are in harmony with the surrounding architecture and landscape. We no longer focus only on the development of communicative plazas but also use the positive aspects of the location, avoiding – as far as possible – the view being obscured. The work of our office results in the creation of places that do well-conceived justice to the work taking carried out here.
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Culture & Leisure

The staging of environments for experiences, education and inspiration – whether it be the AUTOSTADT Wolfsburg, the Esterwegen Memorial, the European Hansemuseum Lübeck or the Olympic Sports Centre in Suzhou – requires long term concepts. In these cases, we have paid special attention during the planning process to the development of the potential of the site, while at the same time taking into account its further development, maintenance and upgrading.
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Service & Administration

Optimal functionality and efficiency are only partial aspects of the planning for the area surrounding administration buildings such as the new headquarters of the Spiegel publishing house in Hamburg, the VIERTEL ZWEI and VIERTEL ZWEI Plus in Vienna or the Vtron Industrial Park in Guangzhou in China. We know: people are on the move here – and between all the formal aspecta, quality and the ambience of the open spaces are particularly important for a productive attitude towards life and an inspiring work environment. During the planning process, we always check whether or not the demands made of the concept also meet the needs of the people living in these locations.
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Parks & Gardens

Space in the form of a park or garden is a development measure that is always necessary in an expanding city. Landscape architecture needs green areas. It requires naturalness, plant life, fresh air, light and space as an important building block in this living environment. This open space only becomes contemplative, perhaps even poetic, if we succeed in creating a place that has character. We have achieved this goal – recognized by various juries – both on a large scale, such as the Überseepark in Bremen or the Middle Pader Springs in Paderborn and on a small scale, for example the country house near Lüneburg.
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When developing and implementing residential construction concepts, we plan sensitive, creative locations, with an attention to detail, places that are equally appealing in terms of living and dwelling. This includes both private, semi-public and public functions and housing developments that have a strong identity and are pleasant to live in. Good examples of this are the Urban Residence on Schinkelplatz in Berlin and the Sophienterrassen in Hamburg. We provide urban development and architectural stimulus in close cooperation with clients and architects and develop sustainable formats tailored to meet the residents’ needs.
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