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1st prize international competition "Nanjing Energy Valley Central Business District" August 2023

In collaboration with gmp Architects and Arup, a modern technology campus is being built in Nanjing, southeast of the City Center, based on the principle of the sponge city, with numerous apartments and commercial retail for a lively new urban district. Two landmark towers are oriented axially along a main road that stretches across the campus in a south-easterly direction. Between the two plots there is a communal plaza, the center of which is defined by a large water basin with fountains. Organically designed, ground-level green spaces reflect the surrounding, natural water and landscape parks and form a deliberate contrast to the linear hedge and covering design, which is based on the structure of the buildings. Laid out across the entire district, they offer attractive opportunities to linger and invite you to activities in the surrounding nature.

Construction site visit of the WES project "Am Strandkai" in Hamburg July 2023

20 professional colleagues took part in the first site visit 2023 of the bdla regional association Hamburg. In Hanseatic sloping weather, the project manager of HafenCity Hamburg GmbH, Barbara Schwöppe, and our project manager, Frank Fischer, explained the more than 10-year development process for more than two hours. Many ideas, some of them spectacular, were developed for the Strandhöft quayside tip, with the aim of creating a public, multifunctional place to stay and look out. In the end, a rich In offer was realized in the form of a small park, a stage as well as seating for 60 people to linger at this place in the future. In detail, there was a lot of technical stuff to see during the guided tour, which caused astonishment among both the young and the experienced. The complexity and the interlocking of the many specialist disciplines could be "felt" by everyone. The construction project is scheduled for completion in early 2024.

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Opening of the exhibition "The Entire City. Hamburg competitions 2017-2023" June 2023

As part of the Hamburg Architecture Summer 2023, the exhibition "The Whole City. Hamburg Competitions and Procedures 2017-2023" will take place from June 23 to July 14, 2023 at the Baakenhöft in HafenCity. In the exhibition, conceived by the curatorial team of Kawahara Krause Architects (Hamburg) and the architecture critic Kaye Geipel (Berlin), more than 1,400 designs from over 170 competitions in Hamburg in recent years can be seen in the form of a floating archive made up of around 1,100 flags Show the range and creative abundance of planning ideas for Hamburg's future. Karen Pein, Senator for Urban Development and Housing, and Senior Building Director Franz-Josef Höing spoke at the opening ceremony. WES LandscapeArchitecture is represented in the exhibition with a total of 12 competition entries. The exhibition is accompanied by an extensive program of events that invites you to discuss building culture and urban design.

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Middle Pader Springs Area, Paderborn May 2023

The WES project "Redesign Middle Paderquellgebiet, Paderborn" won the special prize at the German Urban Development Prize 2023 with the topic "Climate Adaptation Design". This year, the special prize is awarded to urban development projects that make a particularly exemplary, forward-looking or experimental contribution to the adaptation of municipalities, their districts and neighborhoods to climate change. The redesign of the open spaces in the central Pader source area included the renaturation of the unique inner-city springs and rivers. The opening up of the green areas and an improved routing promote the perceptibility of the river landscape. At the same time, a natural design and ecological continuity ensure the urban climate and biodiversity on site. The area of ​​the former Haxthausenhof was developed into an urban garden. Lawn models indicate the historical location of the Villa Haxthausen and, together with the historical garden wall, refer to the historical background of the city. "The project shows how, with relatively small interventions in an area of ​​17,000 m², you can not only achieve a forward-looking urban climate value, but also how indispensable added value can be created for the population in public space," according to the jury's verdict. The jury appraised and evaluated a total of 80 projects, 30 of which received a special award.

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1st Prize International Competition April 2023

On the 56-hectare site next to an ecological wetland on the shore of Lake Taihu, several stadiums raised like platforms and various sports facilities are being built in cooperation with gmp architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners, which are embedded in an organically shaped landscape park. In the center of the sports facilities and between the facilities, large, publicly accessible outdoor facilities are planned, which take up and further develop the theme of the floodplain park. Natural watercourses from the adjacent wetlands are continued and integrated into the landscaping. In conjunction with retention basins and natural sinks in the green areas, they contribute to flood protection and improve the microclimate. The Olympic Sports Center is one of several pilot projects by the city of Wuxi that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase climate resilience in the region. In order to meet the requirements of a CO²-reduced urban development, a holistic sustainability concept was developed with the engineering office Arup and the principle of the sponge city was applied.

1st WES Staff Meeting 2023 March 2023

This year, the first staff meeting took place again in the Q21 inn in Hamburg-Barmbek. In addition to a review of business development in 2022 and an outlook for 2023, there was also an exchange of experiences on the current team building process. In addition, WES project manager Stefan S. Weber spoke about the need for sustainable planning methods in the construction industry and, in this context, presented environmental product declarations as the basis for the sustainability assessment of buildings. Afterwards Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Welter from ingside - insider advice for engineers and associations - gave an exciting presentation on the topic "The HOAI 2021 and the engineer contract - supplement management and new BGB".

Building culture workshop "Hydraulic Engineering" of the Federal Foundation of Building Culture February 2023

On the workshop day of the Baukultur workshop "Hydraulic Engineering" in the Kesselhaus in HafenCity, WES shareholder Henrike Wehberg-Krafft presented the WES project "Industrial Memorial Kaltehofe Waterworks, Hamburg" on the topic "Cities - climate-friendly and beautiful". She drew attention to the fact that today, in the course of the energy transition and measures to combat climate change, we need to develop a new self-confidence in order to also develop qualities for areas on the fringes of building culture, such as technical infrastructure and industry. The challenges of climate change like heavy rain events or dry periods require a new way of dealing with water in cities and rural areas. With many interesting participants, exciting contributions and lively discussions, the building culture workshop "Hydraulic Engineering" was dedicated to the creative opportunities that lie in these largely infrastructural tasks. The results are, among other things, the basis for the upcoming Baukultur Report 2024/25 of the Federal Foundation of Baukultur with a focus on infrastructure and its design.

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bdla site manager talks 2023 January 2022

The 25th bdla site manager talks, for which landscape architects from all over Germany meet every year, took place again this time in Bochum. The agenda included exciting presentations by experts on new methods of roof greening, drainage-capable pavement constructions and base layers, durable wooden structures and how to deal with heavy rain events. The program was supplemented by panel discussions on the topics of sustainability, intrinsic value and resource conservation. There was also the opportunity to take part in one of three excursions on a landscape architecture theme. From the WES team, site manager Florian Kress, site manager Adrian Lichnowski, project manager Katharina Schröder and partner Claus Rödding were present.

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