Innovation partner

As the first open space planning office in Germany, WES LandscapeArchitecture is part of the Madaster Germany innovation partnership network. The aim of the partnership is to establish resource-saving construction as an industry standard and to increase the added value for our clients and the environment.

Madaster is a cadastre for materials and products. The platform provides an insight into which components and materials can be found in which parts of a built structure and how they affect the circularity index and the long-term environmental impact of a project.

The economic and ecological values of building materials can be reflected in resource passes. This makes raw material values transparent and buildings become raw material depots for future construction projects.

MaterialFutures - the building as a resource

A consulting offer from WES LandscapeArchitecture
MaterialFutures shows you what's really in your built structure: Find out how you can recycle the raw materials used in a high-quality way and turn them into capital - and reduce your carbon footprint in the process.

Link to handout: MaterialFutures

Use your resources

Services in 4 modules

MaterialFutures advises in four modules. We combine 50 years of construction experience, big data and technical expertise. With our specialist knowledge, we develop individual concepts that take tomorrow's materials into account today.