Place of potentiality

Whenever you enter our workspace, you will notice: this is a place of work, not of representation.
In our four locations you will encounter personalities, innovative trends and controversies. Usually all at the same time.



If you are open-minded, you value classic architectural drawing done by hand just as much as elaborate 3D work and you are not bothered by the fact that “work in progress” can also mean a full desk, you will experience what makes our work so distinctive in Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Shanghai. 

Since 1969 WES has stood for curiosity and innovation, as an invariable of a landscape-architectural approach. This basic philosophy can be found in each of our often award-winning planning concepts and we also live this approach in our workspace.

Our interdisciplinary team of more than 50 employees is led by our four managing partners Wolfgang Betz, Michael Kaschke, Henrike Wehberg-Krafft and Claus Rödding. Anke Schröder-Runge is responsible for the management. Hinnerk Wehberg is involved as a consultant and company representative. Hans-Hermann Krafft works in the Berlin office as an additional managing director. Yushu Liu is director responsible for the Asian-Pacific area.


WES LandscapeArchitecture develops master plans and overall concepts in urban planning and landscape standards that are future-oriented, well-founded in terms of content, functional, economical and represent added value for users. We plan public spaces, squares and pedestrian zones with special qualities, closely related to the topic of the city, social, sociological, traffic-related, tailored to the needs of the users.

In addition, we design parks and gardens with the highest aesthetic standards. For universities and schools we develop forward-looking educational institutions. WES plans open spaces for living in its entire spectrum. The sensitive planning of memorials and places of remembrance is one of the special free spaces. We are also committed to the implementation of artistic concepts.

Hinnerk Wehberg

"Nothing is impossible."

Henrike Wehberg-Krafft

"We always search for the strongest image with our design drafts."

Wolfgang Betz

"Clear concepts. The whole world practising the art of restraint."

Michael Kaschke

"Feeling before thought."

Claus Rödding

"Each one a masterpiece!"


Our aspirations are cost-effectiveness, cost control, the highest quality in planning and implementation, and sustainability. We work with over 50 employees in Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Shanghai with more than 50 years of experience. WES LandscapeArchitecture thus combines many years of experience with future-oriented thinking.

Of course we have transformed – however we have stayed true to our high standards.

We have always been a partner-led office managed by different constellations:

the managing partners

Wolfgang Betz
Michael Kaschke
Henrike Wehberg-Krafft
Claus Rödding

2021 WES LandschaftsArchitektur
Betz • Kaschke • Wehberg-Krafft • Rödding

2017 WES LandschaftsArchitektur
Schatz • Betz • Kaschke • Wehberg-Krafft • Rödding

2012 WES LandschaftsArchitektur
Schatz • Betz • Kaschke • Wehberg-Krafft

2007 WES & Partner 
Schatz • Betz • Kaschke • Wehberg-Krafft

2004 WES & Partner 
Wehberg • Schatz • Betz • Kaschke

2003 WES & Partner 
Wehberg • Eppinger • Schatz • Betz • Kaschke

2001 WES & Partner
Wehberg • Eppinger • Schmidtke • Schatz • Betz • Kaschke

1996 WES & Partner
Wehberg • Eppinger • Schmidtke • Schatz • Betz

1993 Wehberg • Eppinger • Schmidtke

1981 Wehberg • Lange • Eppinger • Schmidtke

1971 Wehberg • Lange + Partner

1969 Wehberg • Lange