Open Spaces and Art in Architecture, University of Konstanz

Transcending boundaries


The Art in Architecture competition for the new University of Konstanz was one of the office’s first competition projects. Using a model at the scale of 1:200, the objective was to develop the university’s forum area into a topographical landscape relief akin to land art. Important design elements were an undulating topography, expansive stairs, and gathering places like the "Konstanzer Trichter". A forum-like flight of exterior steps was also intended to create a connection to the surrounding, lower-lying landscape.

By virtue of this competition, in which this entry attained eighth place behind a seven-way tie for first place, the office was commissioned to integrate the university building into the landscape of Baden. A sugar model was used to design different variants that were captured in photos and a movie and then presented together with examples illustrating their use for outdoor activities. It was the first attempt at using a large model to anchor the “fingers” of the university building into the landscape.

The university’s building department had wanted to pursue this solution, but due to an unfortunate circumstance, the competition jury did not honour the submission. In the opinion of the office, the connection between landscape and architecture has not yet been completely resolved.


Universitätsbauamt Konstanz

Project period



appx. 3 ha




WL Wehberg Lange

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