UNIPARK Nonntal, Salzburg (AT) Campus as a connecting element


Salzburg is a university town. The new faculty for culture and social sciences (KGW) is a prime example of this and the building also meets contemporary standards. Not only has a stimulating learning and working environment been created, but all the requirements necessary for a university that desires to take an open approach have also been fulfilled. This includes taking a leading role in the dialogue – both in a metaphorical and literal sense – with the non-university public. Located in the area between the city centre and Nonntal, the institution provides the residents of Salzburg with appealing urban, utilisable spaces, forming a new axis between the density of the old town and the green zone, with a high level of spatial quality. Hence in the north and the west, an urban square leads up to the campus and through the building, while the open space in the south forms the connecting element to the adjacent landscape.

The interlacing of the academic establishment and the public take place on several levels and to differing degrees, from the base of the building right up to the top. On the roof, a semi-public space provides special amenity values and exceptional views.

The inner courtyards represent the transition from the inside to the outside. They aim to create poetic tableaux, in a clear and reduced manner.


BIG Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft mbH, Wien (AT), For WES: SEP - Storch Ehlers Partner GbR, Hannover

Project period

2006 - 2012


37.050 m²




1st prize competition 2005, Architecture prize of the state of Salzburg 2012, Builder´s prize of the central association of architects in Austria (ZV) 2012


WES & Partner


SEP - Storch Ehlers Partner GbR, Architekten BDA, Hannover

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Author: WES

ea. UNIPARK Nonntal Salzburg

Office- and project presentation


1. Prize

Architekturpreis Land Salzburg 2012

Land Salzburg
Salzburg, Österreich


with SEP – Storch Ehlers Partner GbR Architekten BDA
1. Prize

AustrianBauherrenpreis 2012

Zentralvereinigung der ArchitektInnen Österreichs
Salzburg, Austria


with SEP – Storch Ehlers Partner