Grandhotel The Fontenay, Hamburg

Alster and park


“In a world that is turning in a manner that is increasingly hectic, fast-paced and confusing, a place is to be created in which excellence, luxury and warmth flow together effortlessly.” This credo of the architects Störmer Murphy and Partners corresponds to the design for the open spaces by WES. The biggest achievement here is the reserved design, which allows the unique ambience of the location to unfold uninhibited.

The leitmotif is soft and gently undulating lawns with picturesque park trees. Towards the north, south and west, linear hedge-parterres frame the site, creating an urban connective component. One of the three objects is a highly-polished stone element, which enhances the reflection of the light, the water and the sky, as well as making a reduced allusion to the stately parterre grounds of historical villas and castles.

Based on the circular concept of the architectural structure, a slightly elevated, round, reflecting water object forms the centre of the forecourt. According to the philosophy of the grand hotel The Fontenay, which states that “exclusivity and luxury need not be laid on thick and should not be eye-catching”, the reserved yet at the same time precisely defined conception of the outdoor facilities creates a unique, by all means poetic ambience that makes luxury and elegance tangible in a manner that is contemporary.  


Kühne Immobilien GmbH, Hamburg

Project period

2013 - 2016


10.300 m²




1st prize competition 2013


WES LandscapeArchitecture


Störmer Murphy and Partners, Hamburg
H+P Planungsgesellschaft, Hamburg


Daniel Wimmer (1,7)
Rainer Täpper (2,3)
Anke Müllerklein (4,5,6)

Pictures of the project

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Journal "STEIN - Zeitschrift für Naturstein"

Reveling in architecture

Callwey Verlag, 2018
Author: Alexandra Nyseth

The Fontenay, Hamburg

Project presentation