Campus Riedberg, Frankfurt/Main

Spaces for thought


We are further developing existing views and qualities: terraces, squares, the park, the view of the landscape, artistic metamorphosis. However, we reduce this world to two clear motives: the urban square and the picturesque park. This creates a view from the interior to the exterior, as in Petrarch's ascent of Mount Ventoux, which is considered the first aesthetic perception of the landscape.

Here, a sequence of rooms of great tranquillity and uniformity is created, rooms that unfold their individual ambience in the place they are located. These „visual-spaces” arise from and draw on a state of equilibrium with the architecture. We open up spaces for thought, we provide a stage, open for many things: contemplation and communication, freedom of thought.


Hbm – Hessisches Baumanagement Frankfurt/Main

Project period



BA 1: 18.900 m² / total: 248.100 m²




1st prize VOF tendering procedure 2008 „Campus Riedberg - Leistungen für Landschaftsgestaltung und Freianlagenplanung einschl. Planung eines Botanischen Gartens“


WES LandschaftsArchitektur


Gerber Architekten, Dortmund
Königs Architekten, Cologne
HENN Architekten, Munich

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