Masterplan WEST BUND, Shanghai (CN)

The green chip


The former Westbund industrial district is developing into a symbol of a green transformation process and a local recreation area with an excellent address in the new WS 3 Unit Corn Area. It has a generous, promenade-like stretch of water that reaches far into the Xuhui Riverfront Area. The master plan envisages restructuring a total area of 89 hectares to form a green belt, along which parks and green areas will merge like a mosaic to form an urban recreational zone close to the banks of the river.

Different park scenarios draw on themes that are oriented towards the use of the respective urban spaces. The themes of the parks include leisure, sports, education, art or history. These are offered at the respective locations and can be used by young and old. Catering facilities supplement the needs of the users. For example, a "children's park" includes playgrounds, play pavilions and indoor play areas, while a sports park with sports facilities and a sports bar are located close to the school. An art pavilion park, recreation parks, gardens and green areas such as a park with magnolias or grasses provide places of contemplation, peace and harmony.


Shanghai West Bund Development Group Co., Ltd.

Project period

since 2015


890.000 m²




1st prize competition 2014


WES LandscapceArchitecture


gmp Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner, Hamburg
ECE Projektmanagement Gmbh & co KG

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