OTTO factory premises, Hamburg-Bramfeld

Working boulevard


The nucleus of the Otto company premises in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld with its outside space that was originally characterised by logistic utilization is to become a campus. A place with a pleasant, high-quality ambience that encourages people to meet and work outdoors, however also a communicative place with niches and areas for retreat.

The first component of the campus module is the new boulevard between the functional, matter-of-fact buildings 2 and 3. We have further developed the clarity and linearity of this space into a boulevard with linear strips of planting. These will be set as a dynamic sequence of shrubs, grasses and hedges and provide a picture that changes with the seasons. Shady boulevard oaks, planted in a loose pattern, form a roof over the boulevard. The important role of communication is strikingly emphasized by a continuous, wooden band of furniture comprising of benches and tables. The utilization of the boulevard is supplemented by further catering facilities and even the sale of vegetables. Hence the boulevard is both a place of tranquillity and a place of communication in an ambience characterised by horticulture — the “working boulevard”. 


OTTO GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg

Project period

2014 - 2016


4.500 m²




German Landscape Architecture Award 2019 - Category Working Environment


WES LandscapeArchitecture

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German landscapearchitecture award 2019

Association of German Landscape Architects (bdla)


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