WES LandscapeArchitecture has further accelerated the expansion of digitalization in the company. The BIM team, consisting of a six-person working group headed by shareholder Claus Rödding, has already been working intensively on the topics surrounding Building Information Modeling for Landscape Architecture (BIM-LA) since 2020, formulating requirements for planning for almost completely digital construction sites, including interfaces to machine control, and at the same time developing new product ideas, such as for the maintenance and upkeep of green spaces under the name "Smart Care". WES LandscapeArchitecture has been a member of buildingSMART Germany since April 2023.

For the future, the BIM team has its sights firmly set on establishing BIM-LA with the help of the Revit software solution. After intensive market research, the fact that complex building components can be individualized in a simple way without programming knowledge and that there is a high market penetration among architects speaks in favor of Revit.

We are currently already working on a large number of projects using the BIM method. These range from the open spaces of a service building to a complex of three new school buildings, a large hospital, and the outdoor facilities of an e-mobility plant.

WES has made it its goal not only to follow the possibilities of future, digital planning in landscape architecture, but to help shape them.

WES LandscapeArchitecture shapes digital future.