West section of station forecourt, Augsburg

Fascinating unity


The compositional elements of the open space planning are characterised by spaciousness, clarity of structure and the individuality of the spaces. The restructuring of the west section of the station forecourt and the adjacent Sebastian-Buchegger-Platz gives the Western approach to Augsburg main station a precise, urban framework. The intentionally stringent choice of structure interacts in a fascinating way with the charm of the surrounding, historically-developed Thelott quarter.

The floor covering of light, ochre-coloured natural stone paving creates a spacious, warm atmosphere. The spatial structure of the round water surface, reflecting the sky, is situated in a central place on the station square. The edges can be used as a seating element, creating an appealing place to linger. A circular area of grass, with a small group of trees, forms a counterpart to the Sebastian-Buchegger-Platz.

Spacious seating steps on the grassy slope, with picturesque trees, create a charming transition in the northern section of the site, in contrast to the urban edge of the space in the south. The spatial effect of the south-oriented terracing is similar to that of an amphitheatre. Individual, tall park trees "wander" towards the stony square, where one can watch the urban hustle and bustle.


City of Augsburg

Project period

2015 - 2018






1st prize competition 2016


WES LandscapeArchitecture


schneider+schumacher, Frankfurt/Main

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Journal "Garten+Landschaft"

Rerailing Augsburg

Callwey Verlag, 2019
Author: Philip Schmoeger

West section of station
forecourt, Augsburg

Project presentation