Replanning Schulauer Harbour, Wedel

Gateway to the world


By turning towards the river Elbe in the context of the urban planning project “Maritime Meile”, the city of Wedel emphasises the atmosphere of the harbour facility. Striking locations such as the public bathing beach, the Schulauer harbour or the facility for welcoming ships, the “Willkomm-Höft”, form a long line, drawing attention to the view of the water and into the distance. While in future the new wet dock, which is accessible regardless of the tides, will provide up to 100 moorings, the tranquil, surrounding open areas provide open spaces that can develop into lively promenades and public squares.

The typical, defining motif of the Schulauer harbour is formed by the consistent curve of the two edges of the wharf, running from north to south. On the east edge of the wharf, the promenade is flanked by one-storey casemate buildings. Long seating elements, which follow the contours of the harbour basin, provide an appealing place to linger. In order to spatially enhance the characteristic arc of the harbour and direct the gaze away from the harbour site, towards the south to the river Elbe, Lombardy polar trees are situated on the western edge. Viewed from the East, a distinct, horizontal layering of the water surface, the quay wall, the paved pathway and above it the green embankment, forms the basis for the vertical Lombardy poplars. The Schulauer harbour is characterised by tranquillity, extensive views and a clear design vocabulary. 


City of Wedel

Project period

2011 - 2015


14.000 m²




1st place VOF-procedere 2011


WES LandscapeArchitecture




Jürgen Voss

Pictures of the project