Alter Markt, forecourt Marstall and Landtag surroundings, Potsdam Elegant carpet for historic ensemble


The size and the urban fabric of the wonderful city ensemble surrounding the Alter Markt, now restored by the new building of the Potsdamer Stadtschloss (parliament building) and the reconstruction of the Humboltstraße, has been made tangible by the calm and consistent design of the interlinked streets and plazas.

The elegant, reserved design of the surfaces creates a coherent area in which the urban context of the castle, obelisk and the Nikolai church solitaires are highlighted and their individual, representative impact is increased. In combination with the Steubenplatz and the reconstruction of the buildings in the Humboldtstraße, the Alter Markt has regained its importance as the historic centre of Potsdam in the form of a spatially differentiated, high quality urban space. Here, the forecourt of the Marstall building forms the transition and border to the neighbouring Lustgarten.


State capital Potsdam, Sanierungsträger Potsdam GmbH

Project period

2003 - 2014


27.500 m²




1st prize competition 2004


WES & Partner


Hans-Hermann Krafft, Berlin


Thomas Wolf

Pictures of the project