Park within the Überseepark, Bremen “The sports park”


The Überseepark, a naturally designed landscape park with sports facilities, is located within the development structure of the Überseestadt, which is characterised by residential and administration buildings, as well as existing, older, port industry buildings.

The Überseepark stretches from the Weserdeich to the timber port buildings and is characterised by its topographical design, in which the sports and games facilities are embedded, with two small playing fields of green artificial grass and a playground.

In the north-east of the park, enclosed by gently inclining paths, is a skateboard facility, which is divided into a street and bowl facility. The street facility, used by skateboard and GMX riders, flows seamlessly into the bowl facility, a modulated “Noguchi landscape made of concrete”. At its head there is a step that serves as seating and allows for a wonderful view across the entire park.

The strong, bastion-like edge of the park is characterised by a pine grove. This pine tree cultivation is supplemented in the south by rowan trees, birch trees and common oaks and further south by a loose spread of blossoming trees. Here, the pine trees have been completely replaced by broad-leafed trees and shrubs, which define the plant scenario in the direction of the Weser River and the Überseepromenade.


Sondervermögen Überseestadt c/o WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH

Project period

2010 - 2014


19.400 m²




1st prize Wettbewerb 2010


WES & Partner


Street conception: DSGN concepts UG, Münster
Bowl conception: Studio L2 – Architektur, Borgentreich


Frank-Heinrich Müller

Pictures of the project



Stadtliches Grün - Landschafts-architektur-projekte

Dt. Architekturverlag, 2016
Fenna Tinnefeld (Editor)

Ericusspitze Hamburg +
Überseepark Bremen

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