ParkSport Lurup, Hamburg Movement for everyone


Diverse and multifunctional exercise opportunities for young and old, for students, sports enthusiasts, residents and other active groups are created in ParkSport Lurup. A modeled, park-like stylized landscape on the former Flurstraße sports field in the Lurup district of Hamburg invites you to engage in sporting activities and exchange ideas.

The ParkSport Lurup complements the Lurup district school, which has been expanded into a community school, as a new, attractive green area. An opening to the district, cooperative uses and the creation of publicly accessible, inviting places of inclusion are the focus of the redesign. Health promotion, communication and relaxation are offered equally to all residents and thus strengthen the attractiveness of the district. In ParkSport, movement areas and quiet zones alternate with seating, a circular path offers orientation and accessibility.

The ParkSport Lurup was developed and planned in a public participation process together with future users. At the same time, the project is accompanied by sports science in order to optimally adapt the facility to the needs and possibilities on site. Park, sport, movement and aesthetics unite on the grounds to form a harmonious whole.


Bezirksamt Altona, Fachamt Management des öffentlichen Raumes, Abteilung Stadtgrün


2018 - 2022


3.650 m²




WES LandscapeArchitecture


Orange Edge, Hamburg
Institut für Kooperative Planung und Sportentwicklung (IKPS), Stuttgart


Jürgen Voss, Hannover