Urban development VIERTEL ZWEI Plus, Vienna (AT)



Since its completion in 2009/2010, VIERTEL ZWEI has been one of the most successful housing projects in Vienna and an example of perfect living and working conditions. Today more than 4.500 people live and work there, enjoying the 5.000 m² lake and more than 13.500 m² of green areas and open spaces.

The area of the green district situated by the harness-racing track in Vienna will now be extended with the VIERTEL ZWEI Plus. Two new office areas and innovative housing projects are being constructed in close proximity to the “Grüne Prater” district. WES is developing a modelled landscape, “Grüne Inseln” (green islands), around a central square that accentuates the heart of the quarter. With an almost playful lightness, the flowing undulations of hills and valleys combine to form appealing green and open spaces for encounters, leisure activities, relaxation and infrastructure, creating an atmospheric picture of a contemporary architecture and landscape concept.

In the central square, this picture is expressed uniquely with an interchanging appearance and disappearance of an organically formed water surface with a fountain intermittently in use, allowing the centre of the square to be used as desired.


IC Development GmbH, Vienna

Project period

2014 - 2017


21.400 m²


Public spaces & squares




DGNB certificate PLATIN as BLUE BUILDING 2015 // Green building certificate breeam 2014 for HOTEL ZWEI // DIVA AWARD 2009 for RUND VIER // Silver certificate ÖGNI 2009 for RUND VIER // DIVA AWARD 2008 for PLUS ZWEI // DIVA AWARD 2008 for HOCH ZWEI // PLATIN certificate ÖGNI 2017 for DENK DREI // ICONIC AWARDS 2018 for RONDO // GBB AWARD 2018 for STUDIO ZWEI // ICONIC AWARDS 2018 for STUDIO ZWEI // PLATIN certificate ÖGNI 2018 for MILESTONE VIENNA PRATER // FIABCI Prix D‘Excellence 2018 for TOP3 // FIABCI Prix D‘Excellence 2020 for RONDO


WES LandschaftsArchitektur with H.H. Krafft


Atelier d‘architecture Chaix & Morel et associés, Paris (FR)
Christian Anton Pichler, Vienna (AT)
Atelier Thomas Pucher, Graz (AT)
KS Ingenieure, Vienna (AT)


Office le Nomade (1)
Bruno Klomfar (2,4,6,8,10,12)

Project pictures