University Hospital Cologne (UKK) – Development Site West: CEFAM – Centre for Family Health



A new Centre for Family Health is being integrated into an existing medical facility on the grounds of the Cologne University Hospital. The new building is accessed via a newly created urban plaza that invites visitors and patients to linger on its circular benches. The spacious and distinguished entrance area offers a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, serving as an intermediary between the interior and exterior space of the new hospital building. The roof areas of the new building are greened with plants throughout and serve as retention areas for rainwater.

In the core section of the new building as well as on the roof garden, there are organically designed garden and play areas that, as natural places, provide contrast to the geometric architecture. Places to sit and play, together with generous greenery, offer children and their parents a tranquil refuge from the daily hospital routine. A large island suitable for sitting and reclining, which can also be used for playing or as a small stage, creates an attractive place to linger outside while passing away waiting times. In the evening hours, tree spotlights and bands of light integrated into the seat rests create a pleasant atmosphere in the outdoor areas.


Universitätsklinikum Köln (AöR)

Project period

since 2017


6.950 m²


Service & administration




1. Prize Competition 2017


WES LandscapeArchitecture


gmp International GmbH

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