SCIENCE CITY Campus, Hamburg-Bahrenfeld



Bahrenfeld is becoming hip – Science City is a new, supplemental building block for the future of Hamburg-Bahrenfeld, a district strongly dominated by commerce, workplaces and housing. In keeping with Hamburg’s “Schuhmacher Tradition”, this successful credo of the symbiosis of living, working, and open space is rigorously developed further as a future-oriented science site.

Science City Bahrenfeld is not a classically demarcated campus, but an integral part of the local environment. The existing DESY site serves as a catalyst and model for research and use; there is the strong circular figure of Desy Boulevard and the “Parkline”, which forms a continuous frame around Altona’s Volkspark. Due to the exceptional circular shape of the DESY site, continuation of the existing pattern of urban development along the DESY circle results in a wide variety of triangular-shaped public squares with different designs.

Luruper Chaussee becomes Luruper Boulevard, and serves as a connecting element characterised by multiple rows of trees and expanses of green designed both as places to linger and as transit space. The smooth transition between the campus and the Volkspark takes place along clearly defined gardens of varying character, from urban gardens to fruit orchards. As a framing boulevard, the “Parkline” is clearly a space that unites the different speeds of cyclists, skaters and pedestrians.


Hansestadt Hamburg

Project period

since 2018


about 125 ha


Education & research






Spengler Wiescholek, Hamburg
Urban Catalyst Studio, Berlin

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