Redesign of market square, Bad Lauchstädt

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The role and importance of the town Bad Lauchstädt is characterized by a striking quality of urban planning and the fact that many of the historic streets and buildings are landmark monuments. Set by the river Laucha, the castle, parish church, town hall, as well as the theatre influenced by Goethe, rise up out of an ensemble of impressive houses for the former upper classes, creating a fascinating interplay with the spa gardens and the narrow streets and alleyways. Simplicity and clarity, together with generously-sized, high-quality architecture, can be found here.

The design proposal for the renovation of the square and the surrounding area sensitively incorporates the character of the town by interpreting the historic, urban planning ensemble in a contemporary way, unobtrusively adding just a few new elements. The market square has homogenous, warm and light-coloured natural stone paving and in some parts the original paving has been used. It becomes an open, broad stage, which appears to enlarge the square and at the same time hold the ensemble of the historic city centre together. The simplicity and unobtrusiveness of individual features such as the striking eaves made of natural stone slabs that frame the free-standing buildings, or a simple, vertical column of water emphasize the high quality of this valuable, cultural urban planning asset.


Goethestadt Bad Lauchstädt

Project period

2011 - 2014


11.080 m²


Public spaces & squares




1. prize Competition 2011 with H.H. Krafft // German Natural Stone Award 2018: 1. prize Category Landscaping and open space planning


WES LandscapeArchitecture with H.H. Krafft


Ingenieure Rinne & Partner, Göttingen


Alexander Paul Brandes (1-4)
Helge Mundt (5-7,11-16)

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1. Prize

German Natural Stone Award 2018 Category B

German Natural Stone Association, Würzburg

Bad Lauchstädt, Germany

Redesign market and adjacent areas

"Garten + Landschaft"

With proper material against the arbitrariness

Callwey Verlag 2019


Redesign market and adjacent areas, Bad Lauchstädt

P. 22-23

Journal "Freiraumgestalter"

The strenght is to be found in serenity

Verlag Eugen Ulmer, 2018

Author: Juliane von Hagen

Redesign of market square, Bad Lauchstädt

Project presentation