Offenbachplatz, Cologne

Opera District


During the renovation of Cologne’s stages, the open spaces of the opera district were redesigned. The district includes the Offenbachplatz situated in front of the Opera, as well as the Schauspielhaus and the three adjacent streets in the north, west and south—the Glockengasse, Krebsgasse and Brüderstraße. The implemented measures strengthen the identity of the quarter by redefining the relationship between the urban elements, opening up views and emphasising the sculptural character of the Opera and the Schauspielhaus. At the same time, the surrounding streets around the edges of the Opera and the Schauspielhaus are enhanced.

During the renovation of the open spaces, great value was placed on reconstructing the squares with so-called Grümmer paving (Grümmerscher Belag) and the fountain, according to the plans of Jürgen Hans Grümmer, who designed the facilities in 1966/67.

At the same time, Cologne’s typical urban references, including a wide range of views and window-like openings, have been highlighted and the scale and proportion of the open spaces developed in a way that is appropriate to Riphan's architecture. An open ambience with a high level of appeal, the consistent creation of a new way of perceiving the opera quarter, as well as a noise protection in front of areas with traffic, very much enhance the urban quality of the quarter in a contemporary way.


Offenbachplatz: Gebäudewirtschaft City of Cologne Opernquartier: City of Cologne, Amt für Straßen und Verkehrstechnik

Project period

2011 - 2016


16.620 m²


Public spaces & squares




1. Prize Sanierung Bühnen Köln und Offenbachplatz, 2011


WES LandschaftsArchitektur


IPL Consult, Cologne

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