New Gardens, Autostadt Wolfsburg

Gardens as green intarsias


The new gardens concept has created green intarsias that revive the important locations in the park.

SEA OF GRASSES – The stairway leading down to the harbour basin is supplemented by the planting of grasses and shrubs. The plants have been selected according to what extent they move, three-dimensionality in order to accentuate the stairway, appearance when viewed from a distance and wind resistance. Additional strips of hedge create spaces to linger within this area and a view of the power station backdrop by the harbour basin.

HYDRANGIA TERRACE – The existing areas of planting by the Audi Pavilion have been extended; the stairway leading to the water has been planted with hydrangea. A new location with a high amenity value has been created.

APPLE GARDEN AND KITCHEN GARDEN – analogue to the tower basin areas, two formal gardens of hedges each present different contents. The areas stand out three-dimensionally within the site and provide a place of retreat in lively garden spaces.
The apple garden shows the story of the apple culture, from the wild apples to the historically bred species. In the small garden, current trends of garden architecture can be discovered, from the cultivated fallow ground and the meadow of flowers through to contemporary fruit and vegetable gardens. It tells the story of the development from landscape to cultivated landscape.


Autostadt GmbH, Wolfsburg

Project period

2013 - 2014


4.500 m²


Exhibitions & leisure




WES Landschafts-Architektur


Rui Camilo for Autostadt GmbH (5,10,18)
Matthias Leitzke for Autostadt GmbH (1,14)
Janina Schnatzke for Autostadt GmbH (8)
Jürgen Voss (3,4,13)

Project pictures