MARK 51°7 – Opel plant 1, Bochum



The focus of this project is on the creation of tangible and connective green axes, as well as a high quality, sustainable division of the open spaces, in order to further develop the social and economic appeal and the future viability of the location.

A park with four levels forms the heart of the new green axes in a north-south and east-west direction. It stretches southwards in the form of terraces, interlinking in a picturesque way with the surrounding countryside. The individual levels can be used flexibly as spacious, loosely arranged lawns with park trees. They create high-quality, individual leisure and recreation spaces for living and working in this location.

In the context of the restructuring of the Opel plant 1, the site MARK 51°7 will be restructured and optimized based on an overall urban planning concept. A variety of squares will be positioned at important urban intersections. All the squares are oriented towards the south as terraced areas, which connect with the wider expanse of countryside in the south via seating steps. The newly created squares and green axes with a length of up to 1km connect with the town districts, as well as providing new, high-quality open spaces for residents and businesses.


Bochum Perspektive GmbH, Bochum

Project period

2015 - 2018


189.800 m²


Service & administration




1. Prize POLIS Award 2019, category urban area recycling


WES LandschaftsArchitektur

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1. Prize

polis award 2019

Verlag Mülller + Busmann,

Bochum, Germany

MARK 51°7
category urban area recycling