Exit CustomerCentre, Autostadt Wolfsburg

Lap of honour


The driving attraction at the exit is the first extension of the Autostadt site since the opening. The KundenCenter (CustomerCentre), has been moved further into the middle of the park and lake landscape, becoming the centrepiece of the site.

Embedded in the topography of the park, areas with different functions provide a service for people picking up their new cars, allowing them to test the vehicle’s driving features and assistance systems with guidance. Hedged enclosures form invisible boundaries, allowing partial views.

In the north section, an approximately 1,600 m² large roof (design by GRAFT Architekten, Berlin, in collaboration with Schlaich, Bergermann & Partner, structural engineering) provides protection from the rain and sun in the form of a curved steel girder covered with membrane. This “sheet”, which is set above the topography, forms a modern counterpart to the KundenCenter.

A lap of honour encircles the space as an open lemniscate and leads those collecting their new car through the eventful landscape. The panorama route provides visitors with a view into the area from outside and forms an attractive connecting pathway to the entrance of the Autostadt.


Autostadt GmbH, Wolfsburg

Project period

2012 - 2013


15.000 m²


Exhibitions & leisure




WES LandschaftsArchitektur


GRAFT – Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH, Berlin


Tobias Hein (1,5,6,8)
Nils Hendirk Müller für Autostadt GmbH (2,3)
Frank Winzer (4,7)
Felix Holzapfel (Visualisation)

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Award winner

International Architecture Awards 2014

Chicago Athenaeum Museum
of Architecture and Design
European Centre for Architecture,
Art, Design and Urban Studies

Autostadt Wolfsburg, Deutschland

Ausfahrt KundenCenter

with GRAFT Architekten