Christiansen’s Gardens, Flensburg



‘Bring a piece of the city up Museum Hill and a piece of Museum Hill down to the city.’ This leitmotif guides the redesign of the park and cemetery ensemble above Flensburg’s historic city centre. Museum Hill, the Old Cemetery and Christiansen Park form one of Schleswig-Holstein’s most important garden monuments.

The Museumsberg is formed as a contiguous, central plateau that provides a new way to experience the spatial context. The interplay of topography and visual axes controls the perception of expanse and constriction. In order to establish visual connections to the historic city centre, openings through the vegetation on the hillside open up views of the Museum Hill, and a terrace midway up the hill joins the two museums. At the Old Cemetery, original characteristic design elements such as the circular path and space-defining hedges are newly elaborated, old graves are restored in an exemplary manner and historical sightlines are restored.

In Christiansen Park, the water circulation for the three mirror ponds is reactivated. The Mummy Grotto and the Ice-Age House are nestled into the topography. A section of the park will be developed as an orchard and herb-filled meadow, while elsewhere a sports and play area will be created unobtrusively. Within the framework of a civic participation process organized by the city, citizens are involved in the planning process.


City of Flensburg

Project period

since 2019


100.644 m²


Parks & gardens




Wes Landschaftsarchitektur with H.H. Krafft

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