China Mobile South Base, Guangzhou (CN)

Hills and lakes


The striking S-shaped urban design of the headquarters of China Mobile, the biggest mobile phone provider in the world in terms of customer numbers, is a response to the existing topography. The site is located in the transition from a hilly landscape with a virtually closed woodland vegetation and a flat plain with lakes.

The design of the landscape takes up the existing qualities of the hills and lakes and reinterprets them.

The tree-covered hills are transformed into blossoming hillside gardens in the area of the summit. The boundaries of the “forest park summit” are easily readable with a clear transition to the adjacent, open meadow area. The connecting element between the north and south development is the S-shaped “China Mobile Boulevard”, which in the area of the lakes appears as a planted landscaped bridge.


China Mobile Limited für WES: gmp Architekten Gerkan, Marg und Partner GmbH, Hamburg

Project period

2006 - 2014


277.150 m²


Service & administration




1. prize, 2006


WES International


gmp Architekten
von Gerkan, Marg und Partner, Hamburg

Project pictures