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December 2018

School connects - topping out ceremony district school Lurup, Hamburg
A light-flooded foyer, generously proportioned glass facades and terrace areas in front follow the mission statement of an open house in the new building of the district school Lurup with its community school and a media library for uses by neighborhood residents. The outdoor facilities designed by WES LandscapeArchitecture support the urban planning and spatial conception of the architecture and at the same time capture the park-like character of the surroundings. Finance senator Dr. Andreas Dressel at the topping-out ceremony on November 15th praised the progress of the construction work and the attractive prospect of an open, connecting location for the entire city district.

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December 2018

Challenge in the inventory - start of planning Alfons School Munich
The Department of Education and Sport Munich is currently launching the planning of the outdoor facilities for the more than 100-year-old Alfonsschule in the district of Neuhausen with WES LandscapeArchitecture. On the 7,000 m2 area, a middle school, a primary school and a house for children will find their place. As many current projects, the challenge is to make optimal use of limited areas in existing inventories and to make the school grounds sustainably attractive for children and adolescents.

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November 2018

Care in the Green in central Berlin
After winning a competition WES LandscapeArchitecture realizes the Lazarus Campus in Bernauer Strasse in Berlin Centre. The office was entrusted by the Hoffnungstaler Stiftung Lobetal with the design of the park-like outdoor facilities for the Berlin location. On the central area with several building units and a spacious outdoor area, the Lazarus-House offers professional care services in the areas of nursing, hospice and assisted living.

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November 2018

Completion Paderhalle forecourt
The newly designed forecourt of the Paderhalle will in future provide a central starting point for ventures into the headwaters of the Pader, which is currently being renatured as part of the urban program "National Projects of Urban Design". In the meantime, the construction work for the forecourt has been completed and a spacious, uniform plaza with special design features and user qualities is emerging. Floor slabs mark the historical course of the city and the former city tower, newly planted large trees, sitting cubes and large bench elements invite residents and tourists to linger.

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September 2018

Art and space
An experiential and varied narrative structure as well as artistic references to the surroundings of the Mümmelmannsberg shopping center (EKZ) characterize the 1st prize-awarded open-space concept by WES LandscapeArchitecture. The logical space sequence developed from the architecture, supplemented by varying carpet motifs as floor coverings, generous, user-friendly elements such as drinking fountains, seating objects and artistic exhibits, offer the very heterogeneous population a high quality of stay in a positive atmosphere. The appropriation of these spaces is desired and possible, individual use creates new identities and "own places".

Adjacent spaces and surfaces are integrated functionally and creatively, entrances and passages to this urban space are staged in a spatial sequence beyond the planning area and strengthened in their respective identities. Existing works of art from the stock e.g. by Fritz Fleer are carefully integrated into the planning concept and are preserved for the future in a new, contemporary context.

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September 2018

Future visions for Bahrenfeld
In the field of scientific structural research, DESY, the University of Hamburg and other scientific institutions are now considered world leaders. At the same time, the European XFEL, the planned Vorhornweg Technology Park and the new Luruper Chaussee Innovation Center promote the development of an international science park Hamburg / North. Currently the planning offices Spengler & Wiescholek, URBAN CATALYST and WES LandscapeArchitecture are developing in several wokshops together with the city of Hamburg, the University of Hamburg and DESY the future visions for the new Science Campus Bahrenfeld.

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August 2018

LANDZINE live in Hamburg
The international online platform LANDZINE invites to the award ceremony of this year's LILA (Landzine International Landscape Award) prizewinners at the HafenCity University in Hamburg on Saturday, October 13, 2018 from 10 am. At the opening of the event the Hamburger Oberbaudirektor Franz Josef Höing and Antje Stokman from HafenCity University will address their greetings to the visitors. Afterwards the daily program will include a variety of lectures by international speakers followed by discussions.

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Juli 2018

Future-oriented urban development: East-west axis Cologne
In the context of the "City Planning Master Plan Cologne City Centre" and the "Cologne mobile 2025" concept, Cologne's urban spaces along the east-west axis were examined in an exemplary traffic and open space analysis. Interdisciplinary survey procedures collected important information for the development of a new spatial and infrastructural structure. Together with the City of Cologne, the KVB (Cologne Transport Association) and a traffic planner, WES LandschaftsArchitektur investigated the above-ground and underground integration of the city railway into the urban space. An overarching, sustainable concept was developed that questions motorised traffic, strengthens local public transport and creates new uses for urban space, while at the same time integrating tram stops into historic squares in a forward-looking way. The concept convinced with an integrative structural approach and high living and recreational qualities at historical locations in the city centre. At the end of the study, a comprehensive participation process offered the population the opportunity to participate in the recommendation of a variation for the City Council of Cologne.

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July 2018

Harmonious whole and individual freedom: Bundeswehrzentralkrankenhaus (main military hospital) Koblenz
As a medical competence centre and teaching hospital of the University of Mainz, the Bundeswehrzentralkrankenhaus Koblenz is firmly anchored in the region's health and education network. After receiving the first prize in the context of a VOF procedure, WES LandschaftsArchitektur has developed and revised the outdoor facilities since 2015. The new open space concept shows a spacious overall picture in the form of a park, which is based on a harmonious interaction between buildings, landscape and users. A quiet, aesthetically pleasing design promotes recreational qualities and at the same time creates orientation and individual public spaces for convalescence.


June 2018

German Natural Stone Award 2018 to WES
In March 2018 an expert jury nominated 19 outstanding natural stone projects from 94 entries in the categories "Public buildings and commercial buildings", "Single-family and multi-family houses", "Landscaping and open space design" as well as "Massive components and construction in existing buildings". The final winners were awarded at the stone+tec 2018 trade fair in Nuremberg on 13.06.2018, where Hans-Hermann Krafft received the first prize in the category "Landscaping and open space design" on behalf of WES LandschaftsArchitektur with great pleasure. Dirk Godehardt (road construction) and Michael Zech of the cooperation partner engineers RINNE & PARTNER played a decisive role in the success of the project and this award.

For more information please see:
PM Deutscher Naturstein-Preis 2018


June 2018

Day of Architecture 2018
WES would like to invite you to four public guided tours on this year's Day of Architecture:

Saturday 23.06.2018 at 11 and 12 o'clock / THE FONTENAY, Hamburg
Guided tour with Wolfgang Betz, Managing Partner WES LandschaftsArchitektur
Meeting point: forecourt main entrance THE FONTENAY

Saturday, 23.06.2018 at 10, 11:30 and 13 h / Western HafenCity, Hamburg
Guided tour with Peter Schatz, Managing Partner WES LandschaftsArchitektur
Meeting point: Magellan Terraces / Großer Grasbrook

Sunday, 24.06.2018 at 11 and 12 o'clock / Parcel Post Office Altona, Hamburg
Guided tour with Timm Clasen/Annegret Kühne, WES LandschaftsArchitektur (representatives for H. Wehberg)
Meeting point: Parcel Post Office Altona, main entrance, Kaltenkirchener Str. 1-3, 22769 Hamburg

Sunday, 24.06.2018 at 10, 11 and 12 o'clock / Oldenburg Castle, Oldenburg i. O.
Guided tour with Peter Schatz, Managing Partner WES LandschaftsArchitektur
Meeting point: castle approach / Schloßplatz side


June 2018

Original river landscape meets urban cultural heritage
The redevelopment of the central Paderquell area has been implemented as a "national urban development project" since 2017 with state funding of 2.2 million euros, a collaboration between the city of Paderborn and WES LandschaftsArchitektur. The unspoilt, Paderquell area, still in harmony with nature yet very close to the city centre is connected, through its renaturation with the city's cultural landscape, with its historical and urban character. A special feature of this project is the linking of the urban development support measure with the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (renaturation of the Pader) in the middle of the city centre. By the end of this year, a large part of the construction work is to be completed, thus making a high-quality local recreation area accessible to the public.


May 2018

Sustainable City District in Vienna: Opening of Viertel Zwei Plus

Viertel Zwei was Austria's first urban quarter to be pre-certified with the ÖGNI platinum certificate and continues its success story with this year's opening of Viertel Zwei Plus. Future-oriented measures for climate protection, economical and versatile building operation and renewable energy generation are setting trends in the 21,415 m2 car-free district planned by WES LandschaftsArchitektur, among others. And the development continues: The third construction phase is already in planning with the extension of the eastern axis and its completion by two high-rise buildings,

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May 2018

A stage for art: Alter Wall, Hamburg
Olafur Eliasson (artist), Carola Veit (President of the Hamburg City Parliament), Franz-Josef Höing (Chief Building Director of Hamburg), Prof. Dr. Andreas Hoffmann (Bucerius Kunst Forum) and Wolfgang Betz (WES LandschaftsArchitektur) formed a top-quality team at the Hamburg Bucerius-Forum, answering questions about the redesign of the Alter Wall. With simple elegance, the open space concept developed by WES LandschaftsArchitektur combines the past with the future and effectively accentuates two central artistic sculptures by Olafur Eliasson. The elegant design of the square with a generous 23-metre long, polished seating element creates a tranquil space and discreetly highlights its sublimity.

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April 2018

Shared identity at the city entrance at Groner Tor
With the award of the first prize to WES LandschaftsArchitektur in 2016, the competition jury was convinced by the strong design idea of the open space concept for the Groner Tor in Göttingen. An overall floor covering in the form of a shared carpet as well as collectively used open space areas with a centring grove of trees create a connecting open space identity for the 19,354 m2 site. The conceptual approach encourages the use of the open space in its entirety in order to encourage exchange, information and synergy effects. The first construction phase of the project will start in April and is scheduled for completion in August 2018.

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April 2018

New rules and regulations (2018) for green roofs
The kick-off for this year's WES event series "WES_Lectures" took place on Friday 20.04.2018 from 13-17pm in the Sierichisches Forsthaus in Hamburg. Dr. Knut Herrmann (MPA Braunschweig) and Bernd W. Krupka (planner and expert, Bad Pyrmont) presented the new regulations for green roofs to the WES employees and as experts provided important specialist impulses. The WES further training series was successfully continued with a subsequent exchange in a relaxed atmosphere.


March 2018

Opening of THE FONTENAY, Hamburg
A light-flooded building with a beautiful park facility in a fantastic location by the Alster Lake—with THE FONTENAY Hamburg will be given one of the best luxury hotels in Germany. The opening, awaited with great anticipation, will be held, following several constructional delays, on 19.03.2018. For more than five years, WES LandschaftsArchitektur developed and realised the outdoor facilities for the project in collaboration with the office Störmer, Murphy and Partners. With the opening and the new vegetation phase, the picturesque outdoor space facilities of the luxury hotel will unfold their initial vibrancy.

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February 28, 2018

Refurbished in line with conservation practice and “softly bedded” / lecture by Claus Rödding
The premiere of the new event series “Freiraum-Gespräche” (talks about open-spaces), in the creative environment of the Kunstmuseum Bonn will be facilitated by the company Metten Stein+Design, with the main focus on the opera. METTEN Akademie placed the exemplary operas in Cologne and Oslo in the focus of these first workshop talks. Together with Judith Grümmer, the daughter of the opera square designer JH Grümmer, WES-managing partner Claus Rödding gave a lecture on the challenges posed by the opera project in Cologne and discussed the special qualities of the two projects in an exchange with the speaker Patrick Lüth from the Snohetta office in Oslo and an interested professional audience.

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February 15, 2018

Civic participation: Sample areas in pedestrian zone in Bad Oeynhausen
In the context of the new design for the pedestrian zone, the municipality Bad Oeynhausen invited citizens to an open question session at the square in front of the Deutsche Bank on Thursday, 15.02.2018 at 4pm. Peter Schatz, landscape architect and managing partner of WES LandschaftsArchitektur answered questions on site about the project planning and the design of the floor covering. In order to give an initial visual impression, a sample area of six square metres was laid out at the site and the project was discussed with the local citizens.

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January 2018

Team spirit and know-how for municipal housing
In 2015, WES LandschaftsArchitektur designed 13 municipal housing units, in collaboration with f&w fördern und wohnen (AöR) Hamburg and the project steering office Drees & Sommer. Due to an urgent need for action and tight time pressure, a great deal of experience in teamwork as well as evidence of professional expertise was required at the beginning of the project. Hence during a period of 2,5 years, twelve sites for temporary use (P+R car park, forest clearing etc.) were planned and realised “off the cuff” for functional housing complexes in modular construction for public-service accommodation. The open space planning concepts that were developed encourage a positive sense of community by combining appropriate functionality with good design through central communal spaces, spacious green areas and leisure areas, as well as practical everyday facilities.

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December 2017

Positive response to our housing project in Linz
The Linz advisory council for urban planning has declared the housing project “living by the lake” to be a high-value, successful landscape concept that provides a long-term quality of living due to its location by Pichlinger Lake. After winning an urban planning competition in 2016, the Austrian architect office Kneidinger developed an open space concept that was incorporated into the urban planning, in collaboration with WES LandschaftsArchitektur. It included a central park facility and a district street as the main axes, residential units arranged like ice floes, structuring hedge elements, district quadrangles and zones for encounters that subdivide the space, as a means of communication between each of the residential units.

For more information please visit: www.linz.at/presse/2017/201712


December 20, 2017

New trees for the Autostadt
The most recent autumn storm “Herwart” took a heavy toll on the trees in the landscape park of Autostadt Wolfsburg. A total of 17 pine and poplar trees and one willow had to be removed due to strong damage to their crowns. WES LandschaftsArchitektur is currently supervising measures for the planting of replacement trees on the respective sites. On 20th December 2017, the last two plantings—two very large trees—were inserted into the ground near the hotel The Ritz Carlton, using a crane. As a result, in just a very short time the gaps created by the storm were closed and parts of the park landscape supplemented and extended.  


November 2017

Trendsetting corporate campus of innogy SE
The new head office of innogy SE will be developed as a central, innovative and sustainable campus facility, close to Essen city centre and the main station. With this large building project, the company wants to tread new paths and create an inspiring place of communication and innovation. The project design, produced by BAID Architekten in collaboration with WES LandschaftsArchitektur was awarded the first prize in a competition. The ground-breaking ceremony is already planned for 2018 and the goal is to complete the building complex by 2024.


October 2017

Construction start of Frauenhofer Institute Kassel
From November 2017, the start of construction for the new, autonomous Frauenhofer Institute for energy economics and energy systems technology marks the launch of a lighthouse project for the city of Kassel, a central location for applied research on the topics of regenerative energy and sustainability. Areas that resemble landscaped parks, which will integrate the existing trees, as well as various spaces for leisure and mobility, will characterise the open spaces of the 32,000 m² construction site, planned by WES Landschaftsarchitektur in collaboration with HHS Architekten Kassel. State Premier Volker Bouffier and Fraunhofer-President Prof. Dr. Reimund Neugaber stressed, on the occasion of a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony, the significant radiant appeal of the 60 million project for Kassel's pioneering role in the energy transition.


October 13, 2017

What can landscape architecture do for the city of tomorrow?
How can more residential space be created in large cities, what about living and working in one place and what are the mobility concepts of the future? In "WES Lectures", an in-house series of trainings, three top-class experts, Prof. Dr. Klaus Overmeyer, DI Dr. Andreas Rumphuber and Wolfgang Müller-Pietralla provided valuable inspiration for these highly topical themes. The office Urban Catalyst Studio, affiliated to Prof. Dr. Klaus Overmeyer, is considered an innovative leader in the field of participation-orientated spatial and urban development, while the Austrian architect Dr Andreas Rumphuber develops visionary concepts for holistic living and working places. In his role as futurologist at Volkswagen AG, Wolfgang Müller-Pietralla initiated lively discussions among the visitors with his future scenarios of the mobile world of tomorrow.


September 21, 2017

"Other Places" // Lecture by Wolfgang Betz at the Architects and Planner's Day at NordArt 2017
Under the motto "REACTIVATE: New initiatives in existing structures", renowned speakers such as Prof Caroline Bos, Prof Enrique Sobejano, Ute Schneider and Prof Dr.-Ing h.c. HG Merz came together on 21 September 2017 at this year's Architects and Planner's Day at NordArt 2017 in Rendsberg and talked about their ideas for the reactivation of existing locations. With his lecture "Other Places", Wolfgang Betz presented the theme of reactivation from a landscape architectural viewpoint.


September 14, 2017

"Can they still be saved?" // Lecture by Claus Rödding

Landscape-architectural works from the 60s to 80s in the field of tension between demolition and reconstruction

Showing signs of age, they are under discussion in many places: Older city squares, showing traces of wear and tear, which since times have changed require critical re-evaluation—are they still up-to-date, functional, aesthetically pleasing? The work and image of their time, they are on the one hand a cultural asset, representing a building-cultural era, while on the other hand they must fulfil functional aspects that have now changed. Whether or not older public spaces are to be saved or abandoned is a decision based on many factors, people and stories. Claus Rödding will elaborate on this topical theme on 14th September 2017 at the event Forumstadt in Lübeck-Travemünde, emphasising the aspects LOST—ENDANGERED—RESCUED.


September 7/8, 2017

Building culture workshop "Conversion Culture" on 7th and 8th September 2017 in Bochum
What is the potential of conversion measures and which strategies are necessary in order to wisely invest more than 70% of all building investments in Germany in existing buildings? In addition to economic and ecological aspects, conversions and further construction provides scope for building cultural innovation. In September 2017 the Bundesstiftung Baukultur and StadtBauKultur Nordrheinwestfalen invited speakers to the building culture workshop "Conversion Culture" in Bochum, in order to contribute with keynote speeches on this topic during specific projects and discussion rounds. As a central event format of the Bundesstiftung Baukultur, the results of the construction workshops were integrated into the annual building culture report, which in the form of a status report lists recommendations for action for political decision-makers. The building culture report 2018/19 is dedicated to the topic "Heritage. Existing buildings. Future".


August 2017

Urban Public Spaces // Expert interview with Hinnerk Wehberg and Wokfgang Betz
Two WES generations have their say together in an expert interview: Hinnerk Wehberg as the founder of the office and Wolfgang Betz as WES Partner give their opinion in an interview with the company Hess on the subject of "public, urban space" and explain their individual approaches and design aspects using project examples.

Further information: HESS-Interview


July 2017

Hinnerk Wehberg // 50 years of landscape architecture and art
In 2016, co-founder of the architects practice, Hinnerk Wehberg, celebrated his 80th birthday with many colleagues, companions, friends and family. They took this opportunity to give him an exhibition as a gift. In the presence of a large number of guests, in July a comprehensive exhibition of the work of the artist and landscape architect was opened in the Alte Ziegelei in Lütjensee on the occasion of the Schleswig Holstein summer studio. With paintings, drawings, sculptures and material studies, as well as draft drawings and project documentation, the exhibition provided an overview of 50 years of landscape architecture.

Further information: images of the exhibition opening (Photos: Emma Lou Herrmann)


July 12, 2017

A realistic, emphatic visionary
In a biographical speech at the official farewell ceremony for the Chief Building Director Prof Jörn Walter in Hamburg town hall, Hinnerk Wehberg highlighted Prof Walter’s outstanding achievements in the urban planning development of the twin cities Dresden and Hamburg. With his strong empathy for places and people and his enthusiastic persuasive powers, Jörn Walter is an excellent intermediary between people and ideas. Hinnerk Wehberg would like to see the departing Chief Building Director as a future "Rijksbouwmeester”, according to the Dutch role model, as an “architectural conscience” in the sense of Jo Coenen.

For more information please visit:
Speech Hinnerk Wehberg
Speech Olaf Scholl


June 22, 2017

Guided tour of construction site grand hotel THE FONTENAY, Hamburg
The outdoor facilities of the new luxury hotel by the Alster Lake, planned by WES Landschaftsarchitektur, are clearly taking shape. In order to provide a practical insight into the current state of construction, bdla Hamburg, in collaboration with WES, will give a guided tour of the FONTENAY building site on Thursday the 22.06.2017 at 4pm. WES partner Claus Rödding will be o site to explain the design details of the outdoor facilities.
We kindly request you to send your binding registration by14.06.2017 via e-mail to the bdla Hamburg office, hamburg@bdla.de. The required construction site safety shoes and helmets will be provided on location.


June 2017

Day of Architecture 2017
On the occasion of this year's Day of Architecture, WES Landschaftsarchitektur would like to invite
you to two public guided tours and an open office day.
Sunday 11.06.2017 at 11am / European Hansemuseum Lübeck
Guided tour together with Andreas Heller Architects & Designers
Sunday, 25.06.2017 at 11am and 12am / Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz, Hamburg
Guided tour with Hinnerk Wehberg and Timm Clasen, WES LandschaftsArchitektur 
Sunday, 25.06.2017 from 2 to 6pm / WES Office Berlin
Programme presented by Berlin office:
Film about Professor Hinnerk Wehberg, painter, sculptor and landscape architect, co-founder of WES Landschaftsarchitektur
Several architects will have a chance to speak about the role of the landscape architect
(Duration: 17 minutes / several presentations)
Short presentations on the topic: "current trends in urban and open space planning"
Pilot project "Campus Hellwinkel"
Presentation of new WES projects, including "Neumarx", "Viertelzwei+" in Vienna
Henrike Wehberg-Krafft, Dipl.-Ing, Landscape architect/architect
Hans-Hermann Krafft, Dipl.-Ing, Landscape architect /architect


March 2017

License for new WES location in Shanghai
The operations of the new WES office "WES Landscape Architecture Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd." in Shanghai have begun with the awarding of a company license for China. As the Chinese authorities are often reluctant to grant extensive licenses, this authorization - which follows ten years of continuous development work - can be considered a promising sign of steady WES activity in China in the future. The office has already successfully planned and implemented several projects, for example the realization of the entire outdoor facilities of the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center for the FINA World Championships 2011.
Of several current projects in Shanghai, the master plan for the "West Bund Open Space Design of WS3 Unit Care Area", comprising of an area of 89 hectares, should be mentioned, as well as the "Shanghai South Bund Riverfront Promenade" project, developed together with the architects von Gerkan Marg und Partner (gmp) as an extension of Shanghai's most renowned promenade, "The Bund".

For more information please see: Business License China


March 6, 2017

Start of the event series “WES_Lectures”
With a new event series “WES_Lectures”, the WES LandscapeArchitecture office will begin a discourse with experts on different topics of urban development, architecture and open space planning. On March 6, 2017 Prof. Dr. Heiko Sieker (Hoppegarten_Wassersensitive Stadtentwicklung), Carmen Biber (Masterthesis 2017_Advanced Urban Trees) and Anne Kittel (HCU Hamburg_Klimzug Nord) will present their contributions/keynotes on the theme of rainwater management and put them up to discussion. The speakers will hence cover topics ranging from current research findings to best-practice examples. The WES office has several guest tickets for the internal events and we will be happy to invite you if you are interested. 


January 2017

WES Managing Partner Claus Rödding 
The WES LandscapeArchitecture office will once again manoeuvre new and challenging projects this year with dedication, passion and professionalism. In order to manage the growing number of tasks, at the beginning of the year the former executive director Claus Rödding was appointed new managing partner, alongside Peter Schatz, Wolfgang Betz, Michael Kaschke and Henrike Wehberg-Krafft. With his knowledge and experience gained in 18 years with the office, Claus Rödding will now supplement the WES leadership, guaranteeing continuity and stability for the future work within Germany and abroad.


December 2016

"Urban laboratory as a city mosaic" // 2nd prize for innovative urban district development in Neu Marx, Vienna
In the form of an interdisciplinary team, COBE Architects Berlin, Studio Vlay, Expander Design, Vienna/Andreas Rumpfhuber and WES LandscapeArchitecture contributed to the competition "Designing Neu Marx together" with an innovative design. The concept for the quarter under development envisages a mosaic-like structure with different areas of utilisation and a “big house” as the heart of the new campus. Living, working and researching will be combined and linked in a diverse way, forming a "mega campus". The intersections of the mosaic-like quarter form interconnected open spaces with avenues, small pocket parks, gardens and terraces with greenery, based on the idea of a shared space, in other words a public space shared equally between all participants. The existing space along and beneath the tangent will be developed to create an appealing park and as a “tangent strip” provides a wide range of opportunities for sport and leisure. The unusual concept creates process-orientated basic structures, which offer the users space for development and change and at the same time give the district a contextual and formal aid to orientation.


November 2016

A critical mind with common sense // Hinnerk Wehberg at the age of 80
For 48 years, Hinnerk Wehberg, one of the most renowned landscape architects in Germany, has shaped the architectural landscape with his unusual ideas and lively discussion contributions—and still enjoys taking part in current debates. As far back as 1969, the WES founding team, consisting of Gustav Lange (a landscape architect trained in Denmark), Gundolf Eppinger (landscape architect), Wieland Schmidtke (graphic designer/filmmaker) and Hinnerk Wehberg (painter/sculptor), came together as an interdisciplinary team under the motto "greendigger and earthworker". In November 2016, many collaborative partners, long-time companions, friends and family met in Hamburg to celebrate Hinnerk Wehberg’s 80th birthday and their shared history connected to the life and work.


October 28, 2016

Apple Tree Planting  // OTTO Boulevard
The outdoor space of the company OTTO in Hamburg-Bramfeld is undergoing transformation: A high-quality campus is emerging that provides an appealing place to meet and work outdoors and at the same time also offers niches for retreat and communication.
Following six months of construction, the planting of the new boulevard will begin at the end of October. This milestone of progress for the project will be celebrated on Friday, October 28, 2016 with the symbolic planting of two apple trees by the divisional board member Katy Roewer and the director Dr. Gesa Heinrichs.

For more information about the WES project please see: OTTO works premises


September 17/18, 2016

Elbfest.Hamburg // A festival commemorating the 150th birthday of the Sandtorhafen
Under the motto "Schippern. Schnacken. Schlendern" (Boating. Chatting. Strolling), in September the new port anniversary festival will not only celebrate maritime tradition but also contemporary life along the River Elbe. Entrance is gratis and the event programme will be spread across three locations: the Sandtorhafen in HafenCity, the Hafenmuseum in the 1950s warehouse and by the River Elbe.
WES LandscapeArchitecture has designed several of the open spaces in the surrounding area of the HafenCity, together with EMBT / Enric Miralles + Benedetta Tagliabue, Barcelona (E) - another good reason for making a late summer visit to the "mini port anniversary".

For more information please see: ELBFEST Hamburg
For more information about the WES project please see: Western HafenCity


September 1, 2016

Office inauguration Shanghai
In order to supervise Asian projects directly on location and create more closeness between the clients and contracting bodies, WES LandscapeArchitecture opened a new office in Shanghai on 01.09.2016. Yihan Chen, Chief Representative for WES on the Chinese market, will be responsible for managing the new office location in Asia and will maintain close links with the head office in Hamburg.


September 2016

Completion of the Offenbachplatz in Cologne
The renovation of the Offenbachplatz in Cologne provides an opportunity to make the entire urban space perceptible and tangible again and to highlight the special quality of the district. At the same time, the measures will provide a contemporary setting for the stages. The Offenbachplatz with an area in front of the opera in the Tunisstraße, as well as the smaller area in front of the Schauspielhaus in the Brüderstraße, was subject to comprehensive planning by WES LandscapeArchitecture and extensively redesigned. During the refurbishment, great importance was placed on the restoration of the squares, in line with the heritage guidelines and the concept of the Cologne-based artist Jürgen Hans Grümmer, who designed the site in 1966/67. Once the construction work is complete, the squares will be open to the public.
Unlike the open spaces, the refurbishment of the SCHAUSPIEL at Offenbachplatz will not be completed by the beginning of the season 2016/17. Theatre director Stefan Bachmann hence came up with an unusual artistic device: He will use the unfinished venue as an "outdoor venue at Offenbachplatz". Young directors will stage contemporary and debut performances in this unique setting. This will culturally revive the location, despite all the discussion around constructional and financial aspects, and will return it to its original importance.


July 27, 2016

Awarding of professional services contract (VOF) | „Barock trifft Moderne” in Saarbrücken
The project „Barock trifft Moderne” (Baroque meets Modernism) is dedicated to the conservation and further development of the baroque and postwar-modernist built heritage in the urban district Alt‐Saarbrücken, in the Eisenbahnstraße area. Here, the axes of outstanding architectural references to the two phases that were of great importance for the urban development of Saarbrücken meet in a small space: The baroque axis meets Ludwig’s Church, Ludwigsplatz (Ludwig’s Square), the Friedenskirche (Peace Church) and Wilhelm-Heinrich-Straße.In addition, the axis of postwar modernism meets the Eisenbahnstraße and the site designed by the architect Stengel.
A large variety of individual measures, implemented over many years and thus meeting with acceptance, were influenced by eras such as that of the car-friendly city, which led in total to negative changes and restricted utilization. In addition to the functional retrofitting of both baroque churches, restoration work has been carried out to enhance the existing building substance. This has generated an „added value” for cultural and tourist goals, in addition to the church activities, and has modified the public space to meet with current urban planning requirements.
The aim of the project is to enliven both the baroque axis and the postwar modernist axis by the end of 2018, making them much more perceivable within the cityscape.
We are delighted to plan and supervise the implementation of this transformation in the centre of Saarbrücken, in the context of an open space and traffic concept together with the engineering consultants ARNDT IDC.

For more information (in German): Barock trifft Moderne
Our professional and freelance services (VOF) partner: ARNDT IDC


June 26, 2016

Festive inauguration of market and Querfurter Straße // Bad Lauchstädt
On Sunday, 26th June 2016, the Minister of Transport and Urban Development in Saxony-Anhalt, Thomas Webel, and 1000 other guests are invited to the official inauguration of the market and Querfurter Straße in Bad Lauchstädt, redesigned by WES LandschaftsArchitektur. These building measures hence complete the implementation of the plans of Johann Wilhelm Chryselius for the design of the spa gardens with an avenue of four rows of trees along the Querfurter Straße. One of the important main axes of the facility, leading from the castle door, past the well to the spa building and the Goethe Theatre are now tangible once again. In addition, the castle, historic spa facility and the Goethe Theatre will be restored to their full glory as a striking ensemble. The redesign is a synergy of the history of the former fashionable Saxonian baths and contemporary demands. The result is a conclusive open space with a high quality of design and modernity.


June 25/26, 2016

Architecture for everyone // Day of Architecture 2016 in North Rhine-Westphalia
WES will present two projects at this year’s „Day of Architecture”:  the theatre square in Gütersloh as a „city entrance with new parquet flooring” and the restoration of the opera district surrounding Offenbachplatz in Cologne, with its listed buildings. In several guided tours, the respective WES project managers will provide direct insights into the development and implementation of the projects.
On the occasion of the nationwide „Day of Architecture”, 325 buildings, quarters, gardens and parks in 147 cities and municipalities of Nordrhein-Westfalen will be open to the visitors on June 25 and 26, 2016. Interested persons are invited to attend presentations by architects, interior designers, landscape architects and urban planners, outlining their current projects.

For more information please see: Tag der Architektur in Nordrhein-Westphalen programme
For more information about the WES project please see: Theatre plaza Gütersloh


June 25, 2016

Architecture for everyone // Open day for Berlin architectural offices
Traditionally, the „Day of Architecture” is held on the last weekend of June. In addition, in the state of Berlin, the participating planning offices will be open to the public. WES LandschaftsArchitektur, in collaboration with Hans-Hermann Krafft, is delighted to take part in this event. On June 25, 2016, between 2pm and 6pm, we will give an insight into the WES office and projects. All the dates and events for the „Day of Architecture” in Berlin and the further German Federal States will be published on the Internet under www.tag-der-architektur.de.

Office address:
WES LandschaftsArchitektur with Hans-Hermann Krafft, Reichenberger Straße 124, 10999 Berlin (1st entrance on the right in front of the gateway)
Open office: Saturday, June 25, 2016, 2pm–6pm

More information: Tag der Architektur programme


May 2016

Competition prizes in China // Nanjing Financial City - Phase II and Greenland Shenwan, Shanghai
Two initial competition prizes were won by gmp Architekten and WES LandschaftsArchitektur in China: Together with schlaich bergermann partner–sbp gmbh from Stuttgart, we came out top in the realization competition for Nanjing Financial City, a new mixed-use commercial district with an area of 65,000 m2 in the southwest of the metropolis Nanjing. The successful phase II is considered to be a key project that aims to connect two urban axes in Nanjing’s urban expansion district Hexi New Town. The open space planning in the midst of the ensemble of five multi-storey buildings envisages a green north-south axis in the form of a green canyon with squares, courtyards set between the tall buildings and a fascinating view of the Hexi New Town district.
An additional 1st prize was awarded to our co-operation partner for the project “Greenland Shenwan, Shanghai” for the joint design of the new commercial centre in Yangjing in the north of Pudongn, close to the financial centre Lujiazui. A strong feature of this area is its close proximity to the Huangpu River and Yangpu bridge, existing residential buildings and former port facilities. The new commercial centre is linked to this area and the scale of the buildings also harmonizes with the surroundings. The open space planning envisages a large number of pathways, courtyards, roof gardens and terraces between the thirteen detached, villa-like commercial buildings.

For more information please visit: GMP Architects


April 2016

Successful competition projects // Western section of Augsburg main station and Tower 90, Frankfurt
The architectural office schneider & schumacher from Frankfurt/ Main and WES LandschaftsArchitektur were successful in a second competition round for the realization of the design of the western section of Augsburg main station.
The competition “Tower 90” was won in collaboration with the architectural offices MAGNUS KAMINARZ & CIE. ARCHITEKTUR from Frankfurt am Main and JAHN ARCHITEKTUR from Chicago. The competition concept plans the design of a multi-storey apartment building with an adjacent perimeter block development in the Europaviertel in Frankfurt am Main. The innovative and identity-forming theme is “hanging gardens”.


April 30, 2016

Opening of Hamburger Kunsthalle after modernisation
Following almost two years of building work, the modernized areas of the Hamburger Kunsthalle will be inaugurated with an extensive supporting programme. The modernization will reinforce the international standing of the institution, increase its appeal for visitors and strengthen the presence of the building within the public space.
The building project was based on the mission to emphasize the historical main entrance of the foundation building and reopen it as a central and attractive entrance portal vis-à-vis the Alster Lake. The entrance stairway, no longer in use since 1919 now leads to the open arcade, which has now been exposed again, in which a wide glass façade provides an unobstructed view of the Alster.
In addition to the redesign of the exhibition spaces, the modernization of the art education rooms and the refurbishment of the central painting and sculpture depot, the state of Hamburg has made a decision to extensively refurbish and enhance the outdoor area. On the same level as the Kunsthalle building, WES has created a new promenade in the form of a central walkway along the Glockengießerwall and has equipped it with seating, plantings and a barrier-free connection to the Alster Lake, the latter in the form of a new wheelchair accessible ramp, the integration of tactile elements in the flooring and the redesign of the existing stairway. Finally, in order to set the Kunsthalle building on a historical, green base, the supporting walls will be covered with ivy along the whole line of the Glockengießerwall.

For more information please see: Modernisation of the Hamburger Kunsthalle and Opening of the Hamburger Kunsthalle


March 22 + 23, 2016

HafenCity Hamburg | Planting of large trees at the Elbphilharmonie
Following the planting of the first three Robinia trees from Brandenburg in 2011 on the lower terrace of the Elbphilharmonie outdoor space, now four more large trees will be able to move to Hamburg HafenCity. All the tree plantings were planned by the Spanish architectural office EMBT, in collaboration with WES Landschaftsarchitektur, in the context of designing the western HafenCity.
„The idea was to find trees which give the impression that they have always been there, ones which have a striking appearance that stands out next to the Elbphilharmonie”, said the WES partner responsible for the project, Peter Schatz.
The magnificent Robinia trees originate from the tree nursery LORBERG, are up to 15 m high, weigh around 8 t and are almost a quarter of a century old. A flatbed vehicle with excess width will transport them from Berlin's surrounding area to Hamburg. There, the giants will be lifted up high by a crane, against the beautiful background of the Elbe River, and finally placed in the prepared planting holes on the upper terrace of the Elbphilharmonie outdoor area.

For more information about the WES-project please see: Western HafenCity, Hamburg


March 11, 2016

Exhibition opening | DA! Architecture in and from Berlin
With currently 67 projects, in the 17th annual exhibition members of Berlin Chamber of Architects will present diverse and creative solutions for contemporary construction tasks, from the fields of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and urban planning. The exhibits also include the project „Markt Goethestadt Bad Lauchstädt”, developed by WES LandscapeArchitecture in collaboration with Hans-Hermann Krafft.
On Friday, March 11, 2016, at 8 pm, the „DA!” exhibition will be opened in „Stilwerk” (Kantsraße 17, 10623 Berlin) and can be visited between March 12 and April 9, 2016, on Monday - Saturday between 8 am and 8 pm.

For more informationen about the exhibition please see: Chamber of Architects Berlin
For more informationen about the project please see: WES-project Markt Goethestadt Bad Lauchstädt


February 25, 2016

WES as speaker at brick seminar | Nottuln in Münsterland
On the occasion of the annual one-day seminar for architects, the brick manufacturer Hagemeister has invited architects for the thirteenth time to the large exhibition centre of the brick factory. Amidst sample-design walls and right up close to the „workpiece“, in this seminar edition WES partner Peter Schatz will talk about the open spaces of the „Ericusspitze“ (new building for publishing company „Der Spiegel“, Hamburg), which are designed using brick paving.
The Chamber of Architects awards further education credit points for this event.

For more information please see: Brick seminar


February 4, 2016

No. 2 of the event series „Architects, not Architecture“
Following the successful opening event of the series „Architects, not Architecture" in November 2015 (with Hinnerk Wehberg among others), on this evening the three architects Jan Störmer, Julia Erdmann and Volkwin Marg will talk about what influences them and what they have learnt from their experiences. At this event in the Miralles Saal of the Staatliche Jugendmusikschule (Hamburg Youth Music School), less will be talked about architecture and more about architects. “One can never win so many prizes that it is not possible to learn from other people”, says event organiser Fermin Tribaldos, who has invited architects and the interested public to an inspiring dialogue.
Event location: Staatliche Jugendmusikschule / Miralles Saal, Mittelweg 42, Hamburg
Time: 7 pm-9:30 pm
Free admission

For more information please see: „Architects, not Architecture" and Facebook


January 21, 2016

Exhibition opening | Berlin TXL - The Urban Tech Republic
In summer 2015, a call for entries was made for a competition for the design of the public space of the campus „Berlin TXL—The Urban Tech Republic”, an industrial and research park for urban technologies on the site of the former Tegel airport.
With the planned new airport BER in Berlin, the air traffic will be consolidated in a new, central air transport hub. The current Tegel airport will hence lose its previous status as an airport and the grounds will become an urban development area. There will be a unique opportunity to develop a future-oriented, innovative neighbourhood on an area of approx. 495 ha.
The rudiments of the previous utilisation as an airport can be found all over the site. The design proposal seeks to incorporate these into the future brand „Berlin TXL—The Urban Tech Republic”, also as a reminiscence of the history of the location. The competition task specified that the location should be transformed through the design and made tangible through the planning. The total size of the competition area is approximately 26 ha, of which 11 ha were the subject of the competition for the realisation.
Following the jury session in December 2015, the results will now be shown to the interested public in an exhibition.
WES LandscapeArchitecture took part in the competition together with H.-H Krafft and raumlaborberlin and they will present the joint design, which was awarded fourth place.
Event location: Neues Stadthaus (Otto-Suhr-Saal, 3rd floor), Parochialstraße 1-3, Berlin
Exhibition opening: 8 pm

For more informationen please see: www.competitionline.com