Curiosity and innovation as the starting point for the creative process.

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Since founding our office our work has been informed by clear basic principles: on the one hand a commitment to finding the best solution.
In our opinion, it is not possible to produce “only landscape architecture” because this contains and generates many other challenges that demand comprehensive solutions. These include social, architectural, political, cultural and artistic aspects. 

Two further basic principles of our work are curiosity and innovation. We are constantly curious to discover different and new ways of tackling our tasks. We plan and create for nothing less than the future. Hence repeating the already familiar is not an option. Of course this is often the more difficult path but we follow it on our own initiative. Ultimately, it is the result that counts.



Our work is based on sound experience. Since 50 years now we have been the driving force behind a diverse range of developments and have provided “thought-provoking inspiration” and optimised procedures and methods for the realisation of innovative projects in Germany, Europe and in Chinese and Arab regions. Sustainability, identity, poetry, preservation and also the redevelopment of both our natural and built environment are important performance parameters.

We design and plan with an interdisciplinary team of more than 40 motivated employees and always allow scope for something new.
In particular the different qualities of those involved, the specific demands of the task and the craftsman-artistic inspiration enables us to create new, convincing designs for living environments. We are not interested in complaisance but in making precise statements. At the end of the day, our services aim to be an enrichment – first and foremost for the user. 



The spectrum of our successfully realised projects ranges from the large-scale masterplan for the Überseestadt Bremen, various plazas and promenades in Hamburg HafenCity or the Esterwegen Memorial, to the development of the entire outside space for the new city quarter in Vienna-Krieau (AT) and the planning of the outdoor facilities of the Oriental Sports Center in Shanghai (CN).
Regularly winning competitions serves to reaffirm this success. Whether it is the 1st prize for the redesign of the pedestrian zone Meidlinger Hauptstraße in Wien (AT), the 1st prize for the market place in Quedlinburg and the exclusive Parkhotel Fontenay in Hamburg as well as the 1st prize for Shanghai South Bund (CN), the main waterfront promenade in Shanghai.

Or the award for the best German landscape architecture office by the jury of the book “Made in Germany – Best of Contemporary Architecture”. The landscape theorist and author Tim Richardson has also listed us among the 50 visionaries of contemporary landscape gardening in his book “Avant Gardeners”.