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Februar 2023

Building culture workshop "Hydraulic Engineering" of the Federal Foundation of Building Culture
On the workshop day of the Baukultur workshop "Hydraulic Engineering" in the Kesselhaus in HafenCity, WES shareholder Henrike Wehberg-Krafft presented the WES project "Industrial Memorial Kaltehofe Waterworks, Hamburg" on the topic "Cities - climate-friendly and beautiful". She drew attention to the fact that today, in the course of the energy transition and measures to combat climate change, we need to develop a new self-confidence in order to also develop qualities for areas on the fringes of building culture, such as technical infrastructure and industry. The challenges of climate change like heavy rain events or dry periods require a new way of dealing with water in cities and rural areas. With many interesting participants, exciting contributions and lively discussions, the building culture workshop "Hydraulic Engineering" was dedicated to the creative opportunities that lie in these largely infrastructural tasks. The results are, among other things, the basis for the upcoming Baukultur Report 2024/25 of the Federal Foundation of Baukultur with a focus on infrastructure and its design.

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January 2023

bdla site manager talks 2023
The 25th bdla site manager talks, for which landscape architects from all over Germany meet every year, took place again this time in Bochum. The agenda included exciting presentations by experts on new methods of roof greening, drainage-capable pavement constructions and base layers, durable wooden structures and how to deal with heavy rain events. The program was supplemented by panel discussions on the topics of sustainability, intrinsic value and resource conservation. There was also the opportunity to take part in one of three excursions on a landscape architecture theme. From the WES team, site manager Florian Kress, site manager Adrian Lichnowski, project manager Katharina Schröder and partner Claus Rödding were present.

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Dezember 2022

"The Caring City - Ethics of Urban Design" by Juliet Davis
It is great that with our project “Meidlinger Hauptstraße, Wien” we are part of a current scientific study by Cardiff University professor and urban researcher Juliet Davis, in which she advocates a more ethical and humane approach to urban development. In this important contribution to urban studies, Juliet Davis challenges the conventional and neoliberal thinking of urban planners and academics and explores new ways to correct problems of inequality and exclusion. Through our project, which won first prize in the 2010 Meidling Pedestrian Zone Design competition, Davis demonstrates that a philosophy of caring can improve both the urban environment and communities, thereby promoting the well-being of many of our city's residents . The unique selling point of Meidlinger Hauptstraße is its dual function as "open space" for the resident population and as an attractive Viennese "shopping street". The competition entry was based not only on a social area analysis but also on a study on strengthening Vienna's shopping streets, using the example of Meidlinger Hauptstrasse. In Chapter 4 of the book, WES shareholder Wolfgang Betz explains how the interweaving of routines and the use of the street as a place of care and intercultural exchange are drivers of the vision for a transformation of the shopping street into a high-quality lounge for different users of different ages and nationality were. In Chapter 5, Juliet Davis refers to the term atmosphere in the context of our office's work, where she uses it as part of the livability and accessibility of Meidlinger Hauptstrasse.

Davis, J. (2022). The Caring City - Ethics of Urban Design. Bristol University Press.
ISBN: 978-1-5292-0121-5


November 2022

Innovation partnership with Madaster
As the first open space planning office in Germany, WES LandscapeArchitecture becomes part of the innovation partnership network of Madaster Germany. The aim of the partnership is to establish resource-saving construction as an industry standard and to increase the added value for clients, users and the environment. As an online building material cadastre, Madaster compiles information about the origin and quality of building materials and provides the basis for determining material-specific key figures. The economic and ecological values ​​of building materials can be saved and managed in a resource passport. This makes raw material values ​​transparent and buildings become veritable raw material depots. In combination with digital planning methods such as BIM, sustainability aspects can be integrated directly into the planning. The monetization of the residual value of raw materials over the entire life cycle is another important building block for establishing a circular economy in the construction industry.

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Oktober 2022

Opening of the school center at Mühlenredder
With the official inauguration of the school center Am Mühlenredder on October 26th, 2022, after the modernization and expansion of the community school and the Amalie Sieveking school, the most modern school campus in northern Germany is located in Reinbek. Björn Warmer (Mayor of the City of Reinbek), Alexander Kraft (Ministry of General and Vocational Education, Science, Research and Culture), Olaf Bienengräber (Management of the school centre) and Klaus-H. Petersen (ppp architects). The school band provided the background music for the event. An integral part of the redesign of the school center was an urban, spatial opening towards the district. As part of a participation-oriented planning process with students and teachers as well as neighboring facilities such as a daycare center, sports club and refugee accommodation, various aspects of use were analyzed and integrated into the planning from the outset. We wish everyone involved a lot of joy with this forward-looking school building.

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September 2022

WES Summer Festival 2022
After a two-year Corona break, the WES summer festival took place this year in the beautiful Café Leinpfad, which is located directly on the Alster on the old "Winterhuder Fährhaus" pier. After a welcome from the management and coffee and cake, a historic Alster steamer went on a tour of the Outer Alster and the adjacent canals, during which the employees were able to learn a lot of interesting facts about the history of the city of Hamburg. Back at Café Leinpfad there was a large barbecue buffet with a whole range of delicacies. Afterwards there was extensive dancing to all kinds of music until late in the evening.


August 2022

Inauguration of ParkSport Lurup, Hamburg
With the completion of ParkSport Lurup, which complements the Lurup district school, which has been expanded into a community school, as a new, attractive green area, the overall Lurup district campus project finds its crowning glory after an intensive planning and construction phase. Greetings at the opening ceremony were given by Dr. Dorothee Stapelfeldt (Urban Development Senator), Dr. Stefanie von Berg (head of the district office in Altona), Florian Kreß (WES landscape architecture), Maria Hufert (head of the Lurup district school) and Henrike Langfeldt (pupil of the district school). The focus of the redesign was the opening to the district, cooperative uses and the creation of a publicly accessible, inviting place of inclusion. With sports science support and a public participation process, WES developed a modeled, park-like stylized landscape that offers young and old multifunctional exercise options (including bouldering wall, calisthenics, parkour facility and trampoline) as well as quiet zones with seating and invites them to exchange ideas.

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July 2022

Official opening of the national park promenade in Norddeich from July 22 - 24, 2022
After more than seven years of planning and construction, one of the largest tourism infrastructure projects on the Lower Saxony North Sea coast is coming to an end. As a unique natural and cultural area, the extensive dune landscape of Norddeich and the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site are of outstanding importance for the entire region. With the careful remodeling and the expansion of the existing dune up to the national park promenade, this important natural area is sustainably secured and preserved for future generations.

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July 2022

1st prize in the open space and traffic planning realization competition "Potsdamer Straße" in Michendorf
In cooperation with Hans-Hermann Krafft, Berlin and SHP Ingenieure, Hanover
Thanks to the zoning in the village green, Teltomat area and station forecourt with an independent identity, Potsdamer Strasse can do justice to its historical function as a social meeting place. In addition to traffic calming by paving the roadway in the core area, this is also achieved through differentiated leisure offers. Between the treetops, the walkway regularly widens into small "grove spots". At intersections, fruit trees create atmospheric spaces with seating without the need to consume. The importance of the historic Anger is emphasized by high-quality natural stone paving, which is largely made from the paving of the existing parking bays in the northern part of Potsdamer Straße. The avenue, which characterizes Brandenburg street villages, is strengthened along the Potsdamer Straße by careful additions and adapted to the changing climate in the selection of species. As a supplement to the existing connection nodes via the railway tracks in the area of ​​Angers and the train station, the draft proposes a pedestrian connection via the tracks on the Teltomat site in order to better connect the residential areas behind the train station.

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June 2022

4th place in the competitionline ranking in the landscape architecture category
WES LandscapeArchitecture took 4th place out of 2,600 landscape architecture offices in the current competitionline ranking in the landscape architecture category. The competitionline ranking is the only architect ranking in German-speaking countries that is based exclusively on competition results. Once a year, the competitionline editorial team evaluates all competition results published on competitionline.com and uses them to rank the most successful offices.

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July 2021

Lively discussion "Productive City"
Urban and regional planners, urban development representatives, students, architects and landscape architects discussed in hybrid form in the open WES office Berlin on Architecture Day 2021. Inspired by two keynote speeches by Dipl.-Ing. Anne Söfker-Rieniets and Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jan Polívka from RWTH Aachen University opened up an interdisciplinary exchange on the options for a productive city of tomorrow. All participants considered the discourse to be highly topical for future urban planning and expressed their willingness to cooperate and learn - the best prerequisites for further, joint development of the topic.

Further information:
Event program AK Berlin


June 27, 2021

Open WES-office on Architecture Day in Berlin

Ground floors = production landscape?
Our cities are constantly changing, especially in times of pandemics and climate change, public open spaces and local added value gain in importance. Manufacturing industry in the city center offers opportunities for a higher density with synergetic mixtures of uses and new social potential. Open space and architecture are moving closer together. In their short presentations, the experts Dipl.-Ing. Anne Söfker-Rieniets and Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jan Polívka from RWTH Aachen University will answer key questions on the subject of the “Productive City” in order to then discuss the highly topical subject with the participants.

Lecture on June 27, 2021:

More density = more mixed use?
Requirements for planning and challenges in practice

Part I - 2:15 p.m. - 2:35 p.m.
Productive city - production and commerce in the city
Dipl.-Ing. Anne Söfker-Rieniets (RWTH Aachen University)

Part II - 2:40 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Redefinition of the “ground floor landscape” in our inner cities
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jan Polívka (RWTH Aachen University / Institute for State and Urban Development Research gGmbH)


May 2021

Memorandum „Urban Resilience“ of the National Urban Development Policy
Around 3.000 interested people followed current topics in urban development and urban planning at the 14th digital Federal Congress on National Urban Development Policy in May 2021. With the cooperation partners Building Ministers' Conference, German Association of Cities and German Association of Cities and Communes, the congress is a central forum for exchange and discourse on subjects of urban development. At the same time, the organizers looked back on 50 years of urban development funding. A special publication presents the projects funded over the last 7 years, which include WES projects such as Central Pader Springs Area in Paderborn, Christiansen's Gärten in Flensburg or Hansakai Stralsund. With the adoption of the memorandum “Urban Resilience”, this year's federal congress, in addition to the New Leipzig Charter 2020, is setting another example on the way to sustainable, robust and common good-oriented cities of tomorrow.

Further information:
Memorandum „Urbane Resilienz“, 2021:

Sonderpublikation „Nationale Projekte des Städtebaus – 2014 – 2021“:


April 2021

"Pavilions by the Seaside" - Art meets Architecture
With 16 pavilions along the coastline of Haikou, the chinese curator Weng Ling connects people, nature and the built environment in an emotional way as part of the interdisciplinary urban development project "Pavilions by the Seaside". The buildings developed by international artists and architects such as Kimsooja, Thomas Heatherwick, Anish Kapoor or Ong-ard Satrabhandhu integrate art, communication, education and public facilities as selective, mobile cultural centers. All pavilions will be completed by the end of 2021 in order to enrich the everyday culture of residents and guests at the respective locations.

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Current publications 2021

Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Home Affairs (Ed.):
National Urban Development Projects - Federal Program Overview 2014-2021
P. 13, P. 19, P. 22, P. 25, Berlin 2021
More information:

Bartels, Olaf / Authority for Urban Development and Housing Hamburg (Ed.):
Building urban spaces - positions, plans, projects
P. 76 - 81, P. 100 - 105, P. 140 – 143, Jovis Verlag, Hamburg 2021
More information: 

Meyhöfer, Dirk / Authority for Urban Development and Housing Hamburg (Ed.):
Put people first - report from the international Bauforum 2019 - Magistralen in Hamburg
P. 63 – 65, Jovis Verlag, Hamburg 2020
More information:
https://www.jovis.de/de/buecher/product/put-people-first.html add:

Busmann, Johannes Prof. Dr. (Ed.):
Anniversary publication 5 years polis Award
P. 28 – 31, P. 62 – 65, Verlag Müller & Busmann GmbH & Co KG, Wuppertal 2020
More information: 


March 2021

ParkSport in Lurup District Campus
As an inclusive and cooperatively used park, the ParkSport Lurup planned by WES LandscapeArchitecture with its exercise offers complements the new Lurup District Campus, which includes a community school. Together with all future users, the area is being developed and planned in a participation process moderated by the consultant orange edge. Sports science support from the IKPS institute accompanies the planning in order to optimally adapt the needs and possibilities on site. In this way, health promotion, communication and recreation are offered to all residents equally and the attractiveness of the district is strengthened.

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February 2021

PULS School-Building-Atlas - Learning and developing space
A collection of exemplary buildings for the further development of learning space design includes the project PULS-School-Building-Atlas, which is funded with EU Erasmus funds. The interactive database, which is currently under construction, presents European schools comprehensively with their pedagogical concept, their goals and the existing spatial substance. Experts and interested can find out more about exemplary schools or query specific individual modules and find answers to a wide range of questions about school development and school construction. The Wilhelm-Dörpfeld-Gymnasium Wuppertal with its open spaces planned by WES LandscapeArchitecture is represented with its special features as a project example in the PULS school building atlas.

More information:
WES-Wilhelm Dörpfeld Gymnasium


January 2021

Contemporary urban planning in Hamburg
Like many other metropolises, Hamburg is also growing. In order to counter this dynamic, the city develops and plans on a large scale with foresight: Large urban development projects such as HafenCity or the “Leap across the Elbe” mark important areas of inner urban development. The International Bauforum 2019 laid the foundation stone for another field of urban planning: the development of the outskirts and urban spaces along the exit roads. These aging post-war spaces urgently need upgrading, at the same time they offer great potential for contemporary urban development. Olaf Bartels and the Hamburg Authority for Urban Development and Housing (BSW) investigate these topics in the new book publication "STADTRÄUME BAUEN". Based on exemplary Hamburg projects such as Science City Bahrenfeld, the City Entrance Elbbrücken or the Hammerbrooklyn.DigitalCampus, which WES LandscapeArchitecture is currently planning, the topic is broadly diversified and offers impulses for the current urban development discourse.

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January 2021

1st prize for Lessinghöfe at the Gänsemarkt
Under the jury chairmanship of senior building director Franz-Josef Höing, BIWERMAU Architects BDA, in cooperation with WES LandscapeArchitecture, unanimously won the first prize for the building ensemble at Gänsemarkt 50. The usage concept of the Austrian developer SIGNA provides for a contemporary mix of retail, office and residential uses . With three publicly accessible courtyards, the open space area creates a lively urban space between Gänsemarkt, Büschstr. and Colonnaden and supports the architecture in giving the Gänsemarkt a new face in terms of urban planning.

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January 2021

Mathildenhöhe artists' colony UNESCO World Heritage?
As a symbol of the modernism of the 20th century for art and architecture and as an excellent example of an architecturally closed building ensemble, the Mathildenhöhe artists' colony is on the official list of UNESCO proposals. After the decisions about new World Heritage sites in 2020 were postponed due to corona, the official results for summer 2021 are now pending. A design for the first location of the visitor center was developed by the architects Marte.Marte and WES LandscapeArchitecture.

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December 2020

Fresh ideas for the future of the city
With the new Baukultur Foundation and the associated Future Forum, a sustainable institution is being established in Hamburg to develop and discuss ideas and solutions for important current and future issues in society from a planners' perspective. Public dialogue and exchange on topics of architecture, open space planning, interior design, urban development and urban planning as well as activities in the form of events, exhibitions, information offers for citizens or cooperation formats are among the central tasks of the Future Forum. Until the foundation is officially established, suggestions and project ideas will be collected; anyone interested can submit suggestions via the website. The new forum will initially be active in the digital space and then network in an analogue way in order to be present later in different locations in the city.

More information:
Stiftung Baukultur und Zukunftsforum


November 2020

Integrative Health Center Georgsheil
As a merger of the municipal clinics in Emden, Aurich and Norden, the new Central Clinic Georgsheil will be built in the geographical center of the three locations. The central location between the medium-sized centers ensures important infrastructural requirements in terms of accessibility, logistics and medical care for the population on the entire East Frisian peninsula. At the same time, the new building enables needs-based, technological adaptation of medical standards at the highest level as well as the bundling of various specialist skills under one roof. The design by gmp Architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partner and WES LandschaftsArchitektur from Hamburg convinced the jury to award a first prize in a competition.

More information:


November 2020

Symbolic groundbreaking ceremony in Christiansen's gardens
The planting of 3 hornbeams for each individual part of the park and cemetery ensemble Museumsberg, Alter Friedhof and Christiansenpark gives the starting signal for the redesign of one of the most important garden monuments in Schleswig-Holstein. The first construction phase includes the upper level of Christiansenpark with a newly designed entrance area to Mühlenstraße, a new route, a playground, tree planting and a flowering meadow. After the planning phase with public participation, the Alter Friedhof and the Museumsberg will be upgraded with various measures by 2023 and connected to the city center via a new staircase - according to the motto of the project of bringing the city to the Museumsberg and the Museumsberg to the city.

More information:
Presse Flensburg


November 2020

Amendment Leipzig Charta
In 2007 the “Leipzig Charter on Sustainable European City” was adopted by 27 EU ministers for the first time as a widely accepted basic document for integrated urban development. As part of the German EU Council Presidency, the "Leipzig Charter 2.0", which has been revised since 2018 in an international dialogue process, is to be adopted at an EU ministerial meeting for urban and spatial development on November 30th / December 1st, 2020. Changed framework conditions e.g. due to the financial crisis, more extensive environmental regulations, migration, demographic change, digitalization and currently the COVID-19 pandemic, require current adjustments of the proven basic principles for sustainable urban development.

More information:
Leipzig Charta


October 2020

"Society mirror" - Alter Wall in Hamburg
Two tower-like sculptures by the Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson have been striving for almost nine meters towards the sky since October 2020. Inside the sculptures the view goes up and a mirror kaleidoscope divides the environment into manifold sections. With his “society mirrors”, the internationally known artist emphasizes the sky, the interaction of inside and outside and the constant rediscovery as important perceptual dynamics in the urban landscape. The open space concept developed by WES LandscapeArchitecture combines the past and future of the place with simple elegance and effectively accentuates the two sculptures through an unobstrusive space design.

More information:
Gesellschaftsspiegel O. Eliasson_ARD Mediathek


October 2020

Exemplary buildings in North Rhine-Westphalia 2020
Since 1990 the Ministry for Home, Municipal Affairs, Building and Equality has been honoring every 5 years outstanding projects of contemporary planning and construction in North Rhine-Westphalia. In addition to resource efficiency, responsible space management and urban climate adaptation strategies, high-quality, socially integrative user qualities are central criteria for the award. On November 16, 2020, Minister Ina Scharrenbach will deliver the awards to the 30 finalists, including WES LandscapeArchitecture with the project “Redesign Middle Pader Spring Area, Paderborn”, at the Düsseldorf Art Museum K21. From November 30th - December 29th 2020 an exhibition in the House of Architects in Düsseldorf will present the awarded projects to the public.

More information:
Exemplary buildings NRW 2020


September 2020

Publications WES
WES LandscapeArchitecture regularly publishes articles on projects and topics in landscape architecture. Two examples of current publications can be found under the following links:

Der öffentliche Raum als Lebensraum. Interview
By Michael Kaschke
In: Garten + Landschaft, Edition September | 2020
Artikel: Der öffentliche Raum als Lebensraum

OTTO Space (OTTO Space Hamburg)
By Michael Kaschke
In: Landschaftsarchitekten, Edition 2 | 2020
Artikel: OTTO Space


August 14, 2020

Winner polis Award 2020, category "Reactivated Centers"
In cooperation with the Bundesstiftung Baukultur, the polis Award has been awarding since 2016 in this year's categories Urban Land Recycling, Reactivated Centers, Social District Development, Intelligent Redensification, Communicative Urban Design, Livable Open Space and Digital Heroes. The award highlights projects that depict essential developments and trends in urban planning and that face the challenges of the future in a committed, cooperative and courageous manner. In the category “Reactivated Center” the winning project “Redesign of Middle Pader Springs, Paderborn” convinced with its user-friendly, ecologically orientated concept and the distinctive, interdisciplinary quality of dialogue between the city of Paderborn, citizens, planning partner like WES LandscapeArchitecture or INROS LACKNER SE and all other project participants.

More information:
polis Award 2020


July 31, 2020

Federal Urban Green Prize 2020: Middle Pader Springs, Paderborn
The Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Home Affairs announced on july 31 the winners of the 2020 Federal Urban Green Prize, which was awarded for the first time. With the award, which will be announced every two years in the future in four categories - built, used, maintained, managed -, the BMI recognizes the extraordinary commitment of cities and municipalities for urban greenery, diverse usability, design quality, innovative concepts and integrative planning approaches. The first prize in the “built” category was given to the project "Redesign Middle Pader Springs Paderborn", which was realized in close cooperation between the city of Paderborn, WES LandscapeArchitecture and the engineering office INROS LACKNER SE. The award ceremony will take place on October 2nd in Berlin.

More information:
Federal Urban Green Prize 2020


July 2020

Climate adaptation: “Cool streets” in Vienna
The City of Vienna is pragmatic: from June to September it meets the increasingly hot summer months in the city with “open-air living rooms” in the neighborhood - to the delight of the Viennese population, who welcomes the measure with a large majority. 18 streets will be used temporarily and 4 streets permanently for being outdoors, for playing and cooling down, and will be equipped with additional seating and water elements such as spray mist dispensers. Cars are not allowed to drive, stop or park during this time, the basis for the selection of locations is the “Vienna Heat Map”. Climatic tests from the pilot year 2019 already show a reduction in ambient temperature of up to 5 °.

More information:
Coole Straßen Wien


July 2020

Public spaces increase in importance
Freshly printed Building Culture Reports generally promise varied information, current data, forward-looking projects and exciting outlook on future developments. With the focus on “public spaces”, the Building Culture Report 2020/21 by the Bundesstiftung Baukultur, presented on June 24, 2020, highlights the growing importance of public spaces against the background of climatic, infrastructural, urban planning and demographic challenges and the associated transformation processes. As a communal good and a significant, everyday living space is shown in current exceptional times marked by COVID-19 once again the social value and the importance of functional, well-designed open spaces as "democratic places for everyone".

More information:
Building Culture Report 2020/21.pdf


June 28, 2020

Cradle-to-Cradle and Haraway's understanding of nature
With two exciting short lectures under corona-compliant conditions WES LandscapeArchitecture Berlin opened the doors to architecture enthusiasts on June 28. The American Gentry Doane, a master’s student at Hertie School of Governance Berlin, explained the cradle-to-cradle principle - a concept that enables sustainable management through permanently merging material cycles. The architect Xenia Kokoula presented the poststructuralist Donna Haraway's understanding of nature and her view of the relationship between man, nature and culture. Both keynote speeches inspired the numerous guests to lively discussions about sustainable values and realistic action options on the way to a sustainable future.


July 2020

Urban District of Alanbrooke, Paderborn
On the areas of the Alanbrooke barracks released in 2016, a new, contemporary urban quarter is being built in the west of the city of Paderborn along the central north-south green axis. A listed building ensemble, new residential buildings, a kindergarten, commercial office and service areas as well as a creative and cultural quarter will be brought together as part of the urban conversion. As a result of a current competition for the design of a new building with 280 apartments and associated open spaces, there are two winners, with one of the first places was awarded at Winking. Froh Architects in collaboration with WES LandscapeArchitecture.

More information:
Conversion Alanbrooke, Paderborn


June 2020

Calling to the Convent of Building Culture 2021
As a central forum for opinion formation within the Bundesstiftung Baukultur, founded in 2007, the biennial convent of building culture initiates contemporary relevant topics of building culture in Germany. Its members are committed to building culture issues and interdisciplinary debates among experts and the general public. Henrike Wehberg-Krafft, WES partner, has just been called to the 2021 Convent of Building Culture - a higher-level, responsible task, which she looks forward to with joy and curiosity.

More information:
Convent of Building Culture


June 2020

Green quality of life in Cologne's Westerwaldstrasse
After three years of preparation and planning at WES LandscapeArchitecture, the implementations actually start on the 6 hectares along Westerwaldstreet in Cologne. The urban measures focus on ecological enhancements and improved user qualities. In the plan area, which extends over 3 km, over 200 trees are being replanted, including an orchard. The area is connected to the outer green belt of the city via newly arranged path connections and thus represents an important, tangible green connection. A redesigned district square in the "Kannebäckersiedlung" as well as games and sports offers for children and young people with learning, exercise and coordination offers, a Finnbahn, additional running / jogging trails, parkour areas and a bike trial offer attractive living qualities for young and old. The early involvement of citizens, kindergarten and schools in tours, planning meetings and workshops ensures transparency and diversity of ideas in the common development process


June 2020

Off to the fresh air
In times of home office and limited mobility due to the corona pandemic, small excursions in the open air by bike are possible in and around Hamburg. Some open space locations planned by WES LandscapeArchitecture are beautiful destinations with lots of sky and space - as well as space for sufficient distance. The projects include e.g. in the east of Hamburg the Foundation for Water Art on the Elbe Island Kaltehofe, in the center the Western HafenCity with the Grasbrookpark or in the west of the city the Parcel Post Office Altona as one of the pioneering projects of the office, the Reemtsmapark or the Schulauer Hafen in Wedel. Taking into account the current pandemic rules, nothing should stand in the way of a trip to these locations.

Weitere Informationen:
Wasserkunst Kaltehofe
Westliche HafenCity
Grasbrookpark HafenCity
Paketpostamt Altona
Schulauer Hafen Wedel


May 2020

Historical qualities in Drosteipark Pinneberg
A careful, yet clear reawakening of historical qualities is the focus of current planning by WES LandscapeArchitecture to the listed Drosteipark Pinneberg. As a park of the country drostei, in the 18th century the facility was originally designed as a classic French baroque garden, which was later over-planned. In the inner city, the facility can once again become the business card of the city and make an important contribution to local recreation and the city climate in the connection area between the city center and the train station. With the examination of the park, it is clarified which layers of time can be made visible and experienced again in order to create contemporary, high quality of stay.

More information:
Drosteipark Pinneberg


April 2020

Spacious sea terrace - Northern harbor island Stralsund
Northeast of Stralsund's old town is the northern harbor island as a transition to the Baltic Sea. Like a "Sund terrace", the artificially built island in front of the old town offers an unobstructed view at the vastness of the sea. The dimension and design stand in an exciting contrast to the old town with its medieval, urban structures, it strengthens the respective characters and makes them clearly noticeable. The open space concept by WES LandscapeArchitecture is intended to deal with this contrast to the old town consciously to emphasize its unmistakable identity by maintaining the spaciousness of the open spaces and making them tangible.


April 2020

Publications WES
WES LandscapeArchitecture regularly publishes articles on projects and topics in landscape architecture. Some examples of current publications can be found under the following links:

Hell in the moor. Memorial Esterwegen
By Hans-Hermann Krafft
In: Landschaftsarchitekten, Edition 1-2020
Artikel: Hölle im Moor

calm down. recreational architecture. South Bund, Shanghai
Book: Deutscher Architekturverlag/ Fenna Tinnefeld (Hrsg.), Münster 2019
Artikel: calm down. recreational architecture

Influence through responsibility. Viertel Zwei Plus, Vienna and BER Berlin
By Hans-Hermann Krafft and Henrike Wehberg-Krafft
In: anthos, Edition 03-2019,
Artikel: Einfluss durch Verantwortung

With the right material against arbitrariness
Redesign market square and adjacent areas, Bad Lauchstädt
By Hans-Hermann Krafft. In: Garten + Landschaft, Edition March 2019
Artikel: Mit richtigem Material gegen die Beliebigkeit

As demanding as precise. Middle Pader Springs, Paderborn
By Ulrich Brinkmann. In: Bauwelt, Edition 18-2019
Artikel: So anspruchsvoll wie präzise

Boulevard of Dreams. OTTO Space, Hamburg
By Lucia Kamleitner. In: 100 Green Spaces, Edition 05-2019
Artikel: Boulevard of Dreams


March 2020

Great approval for the redesign of the Bedaplatz in Bitburg 
The Bitburg city council and building committee decided by a large majority: A spacious, urban square with a high quality of stay and experience will enrich the center of the Eifel city of Bitburg in the future. In the, also decided, new building of the BIT gallery will be a market hall with regional products towards Bedaplatz, which at the same time connects the square as a passage with the pedestrian zone. Traffic-free spaces in front of the buildings with cafes, restaurants and shops create an inviting atmosphere in the outside, while art objects in front of the Sparkasse Bitburg-Prüm and the House Beda connect inside and outside. With this decision the starting signal for the further development and detailed planning of the project was given.

More information:


February 2020

Masters students from Pennsylvania State University visiting Hamburg
On the trail of European design strategies and sustainability in Hamburg and Copenhagen, WES LandscapeArchitecture led master students of landscape architecture from Pennsylvania State University through HafenCity Hamburg. As one of the largest urban development projects in Europe, HafenCity offers a wide range of practical examples of urban planning strategies and the implementation of topics such as water management, dealing with open spaces, mobility and infrastructure, port planning and the involvement of civil society in urban planning processes.

More information:


February 2020

“You plant tomorrow.”: Award ceremony for Gardens of the Year 2020
With these words, the author Meike Winnemuth summarized an important feature of the garden on the occasion of the award ceremony at Dyck Castle in North Rhine-Westphalia. Around 200 guests came to honor the most beautiful gardens of the year from Austria, Switzerland and Germany. In the new edition of the book, WES LandscapeArchitecture is represented with a home garden in Hamburg, which was photographed by the first prize winner as the best garden photographer, Ferdinand Graf Luckner.

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Gärten des Jahres 2020


February 2020

Historic Möllner center as "living room of the city"
The quality of stay in the central Möllner shopping street will be enhanced in the future by a coherent street space with wide footpaths and a narrower lane made of high quality natural stone typical of the place. The urban appearance, which was originally derived from the history without trees, is supplemented by climate-friendly measures such as additional trees, water elements or an energy-efficient street lighting concept. After WES LandscapeArchitecture won the urban planning competition in cooperation with the traffic planning office VIA, the office was entrusted with the realization of the project.

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January 2020

1st prize extension building Theaterhaus Stuttgart - culture affects urban space
The winning design by WES LandscapeArchitecture and PFP Planungs GmbH Hamburg includes the encounter between the two different urban planning orientations of living and cultural activities in one place as an urban development opportunity for a new “theater house concept”: The protection of the outside for residential purposes takes place via the new theater building configuration as well as an opening of the new building towards the inside of the completed historical factory ensemble, creating a new “theater district” with lively and calm qualities.

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Theaterhaus Stuttgart


December 2019

Quality of life in Mümmelmannsberg
With over 70 nations and more than 18.000 people, Mümmelmannsberg is Hamburg's largest housing estate and a melting pot of cultural diversity. The district has been continuously renovated for several years - Mümmelmannsberg is one of the focus areas in the east of Hamburg for urban development. After receiving a 1st prize for the open space planning appraisal process, WES LandscapeArchitecture is currently developing the urban space around the Mümmelmannsberg shopping center. A sequence of locations is planned, which develop logically from the urban planning concept in the sense of a tangible and varied narrative structure. Variously designed square spaces as communication locations create a high quality of stay and living for the heterogeneous population structure. Above all, they offer residents and users the opportunity to identify with the new center of Mümmelmannsberg. The design and color concept of Hans-Albrecht Schilling will play an important role together with the existing works of art by Fritz Fleer and will shape the new center in Mümmelmannsberg.

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Fink Hamburg, Mümmelmannsberg


November 2019

BDA Prize Schleswig-Holstein 2019: European Hanseatic Museum Lübeck
Special architectural achievements were honored on November 7, 2019 with the Schleswig-Holstein BDA Prize, which is awarded every four years. One of the winners of the BDA Prize is the European Hanseatic Museum in Lübeck, which was planned by Andreas Heller Architects & Designers in cooperation with WES LandscapeArchitecture. The international jury evaluated 50 projects by 34 architectural offices from Northern Germany and emphasized the “mixture of introvertedness and openness” as a representative characteristic of the Hanseatic League as well as the “successful urban planning intervention” in an urban context. The open spaces reflect complex, historical layers of time in a minimalist way, calm and clarity characterize the atmosphere and convey the spirit of the place, so that an exciting composition between inside and outside is created.

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November 2019

Climate protection and transformation
Prominent speakers such as former German President Horst Köhler and Head of the Chancellery Helge Braun (CDU) discussed at the first Future Sustainability Congress with experts from business, science, society and culture about climate change, resource consumption and opportunities for successful social change. The sustainability network RENNnord and the Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald, Landesverband Hamburg e.V. (SDW) had invited specialists and interested parties to Wilhelmsburg on November 19, 2019 to discuss opportunities and challenges on the way to a sustainable society.

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Future Sustainability Congress, Hamburg


October 2019

Digital experimentation: Hammerbrooklyn box
A digital future location for innovative transformation processes is being created with the Hammerbrooklyn.DigitalCampus on the Hamburg city dike near the Oberhafen bridge. With the laying of the foundation stone in June 2019, the first green container was installed on the site as a forerunner of the DigitalCampus. The entrance to the campus, designed by WES LandscapeArchitecture in the sense of a garden, creates a green area for employees and visitors, prominently placed and clearly visible from the Oberhafen bridge. Diverse horticultural elements of a "real garden" provide a seasonally changing appearance and offer different uses. A south-east facing staircase leads to the front terrace, while providing the opportunity to sit on the steps and enjoy the views. The actual center will be the former USA pavilion of Expo 2015 in Milan from 2020, which will be built on the new location as an "upcycling project". Companies, start-ups, scientists and interested parties can then jointly develop ideas for the digital world of tomorrow.

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October 2019

Nomination German SPIELRAUM-Award 2019
Since 2013 the Grasbrookpark in the HafenCity Hamburg has enjoyed great popularity as a versatile, green play park. In addition to play and climbing equipment, a water basin with three meandering watercourses, fountains and water dispensers forms the center of the park. In the planning and design process, residents, in particular children have been intensively participated. Actually the most popular Hamburg playground has been nominated for the German SPIELRAUM Award 2019 on the subject of "space for movement" and will be awarded on 8th November 2019 at the Trade Fair Leisure, Sports and Exercise Facilities (FSB) in Cologne.

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FSB Köln 2019


October 2019

National Park Promenade Norddeich
With the establishment of a botanical landscape garden "salt marsh and dune landscape" with teaching and experience trials, another element for the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Wadden Sea National Park will be established in Norddeich/ Norden. On an area of 17 hectares of coastal landscape, a beach area newly planned by WES LandscapeArchitecture will be created in front of the North Sea dike. In addition to barrier-free promenades, sea-terraces, blank paths and sanitary and information containers of the national park will be implemented. Due to the urgent renewal of the revetment by the Lower Saxony State Office for Water, Coastal and Nature Conservation (NLWKN), the starting signal for the execution in the eastern area was given, which will be completed in october 2019. The design of the western area will be implemented between 2020 and 2021.

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26. August 2019

Feasibility study Binnenalster for discussion
The Hamburg Office for Urban Development and Housing (BSW) invites all interested citizens to an information event on the new plans around the Binnenalster. After an introduction by Dr. Dorothee Stapelfeldt (Senator for Urban Development and Housing) and Franz-Josef Höing (Senior Construction Director), Michael Kaschke by WES LandscapeArchitecture will present the actual feasibility study. Keynote presentations by Reiner Nagel (Bundesstiftung Baukultur) and Christoph Schwarzkopf (Denkmalschutzamt Hamburg) complete the thematic arc. In the ensuing podium discussion, the topic will be discussed with other experts under the moderation of Prof. Dr. Michael Koch.

Time: Monday, August 26, 2019 from 19.15 - 22 pm
Location: Reimarussaal of the Patriotic Society of 1765, Trostbrücke 4-6, 20457 Hamburg
Free admission

More information:
TV-Report NDR
TV-Report SAT 1
Hamburger Abendblatt 27.08.2019
Machbarkeitsstudie Binnenalster


19. - 24. August 2019

Liveable main roads
150 experts and 55 architecture firms participated in the 7th International Building Forum 2019 in the Deichtorhallen, developing forward-looking ideas and visions for seven highways in Hamburg. For days the main axes of the hanseatic city were discussed intensively. Finally the experts resumed: It needs a superordinate idea to fundamentally change the functions of the highways in terms of urban planning. In a team with André Poitiers, Andreas Quednau of SMAQ, Berlin, a.o. WES LandscapeArchitecture developed proposals for the main road no. 4 from Steindamm to Meiendorfer Street. More space for pedestrians and cyclists, continuous connections of green areas and an upgrading of existing green spaces could significantly improve the quality of these important urban areas with their total of around 140,000 people.

More information:
Documentation International Building Forum 2019
Live-Presentations International Building Forum 2019


August 2019

Bochum 51°7: 1st prize in the urban land recycling category
Cooperative commitment, courage and creativity are essential criteria for the young polis Award. In cooperation with the Bundesstiftung Baukultur and the polis magazine for urban development projects in five categories Urban Area Recycling, Reactivated Centers, Social Neighborhood Development, Liveable Open Spaces and Communicative Urban Design that reflect current developments and trends in urban planning are awarded. The Bochum 51 ° 7 project will create an industrial, technology and knowledge campus on a 70-hectare site that combines life and work and takes up the demands of future working environments in the former Opel car factory area. With an impressive architecture and generous, appealing open spaces, the large-scale urban development project will be Bochum's pioneering gateway. The award is a nice acknowledgement for the client Bochum Perspektive 2022 GmbH as well as the planning offices WES LandscapeArchitecture and all other project participants.

More information:
polis Award 2019



July 2019

WES presentation at the Baukultur Workshop on 4/5 July 2019 in Ulm
This year's 3rd Baukultur Workshop of Bundesstiftung Baukultur on "Democracy and Process Culture for Public Spaces" took place in cooperation with the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) at the University of Design Ulm. The focus was on the question of a democratic organization of planning, operation and maintenance of public spaces and associated social participation. In this context WES shareholder Wolfgang Betz lectured about the several times awarded station forecourt in Erfurt designed by WES and the cooperation with Gössler Kinz Kerber Kreienbaum architects from Hamburg. He underlined the importance of results-oriented involving of citizens in planning processes, as well as the active, early involvement of project managers within the administration in the development, elaboration and implementation of design concepts.

More information:
Baukultur Workshop in Ulm
Interviews Baukulturwerkstatt Ulm


May 2019

Climate-friendly architecture: BDA position paper "The House of the Earth"
On the occasion of the 15th BDA-day on May 25, 2019, the participants discussed changing political framework conditions and a responsible attitude of architects on this topic in view of the progressing climate change. Ten years after the national climate manifest, the members agreed on a new position paper entitled "The House of the Earth". In 10 postulates and a prologue they formulate a new social narrative to address the increasing challenges of climate change in architecture and urban and spatial planning.

More information:
The House of the Earth


June 2019

50 years WES LandscapeArchitecture
Lectures as part of the Hamburg Architecture Summer 2019

With numerous guests WES LandscapeArchitecture celebrated the 50th anniversary of the office in the erste liebe studios in Hamburg's Oberhafen. On the occasion of the festivities the Hamburger Oberbaudirektor a.D. Prof. Jörn Walter made a speech in which he anecdotalized the special working method of the office based on his own experiences. In four lectures, which took place on the following two days as part of the Hamburg Architecture Summer 2019, WES shareholders presented the development of the office in the last five decades and illuminated historical aspects as well as current trends in landscape architecture.

The lectures in detail:

THE ROOTS - Hinnerk Wehberg
WL - WLE - WLES - WES & Partners - WES LandscapeArchitecture - 50 years of office history, 50 years of landscape architecture, 50 years of interdisciplinary work. Just as the office in its beginnings as "Greendigger and Earthworker" met at the intersection of art, land art and architecture in an interdisciplinary fashion, today it is oriented towards common sense, classical design principles and the courage to change. The WES co-founder Hinnerk Wehberg told of highlights and stumbling blocks from the long history of the office.

The spectrum of landscape architecture also includes dealing with special open spaces such as those of remembrance and remembering. On the basis of drafts and built examples Hans-Hermann Krafft gave insights into the design work in the field of conflict between content-related discussion and the complex requirements and possibilities of the creative means of architecture, landscape architecture and art.

CHINA´S 70´S - Yushu Liu
A booming development, the rise to the world's syringe, the second largest economy - this is the image of China today. Where and when did this dynamic start and what were the conditions for that? Yushu Liu looked back on China in the 70s and showed the great contrast between then and now.

TODAY - Michael Kaschke
In recent decades, landscape architecture has evolved, emerging increasingly from the shadow of architecture: open spaces are playing a more important role, especially in urban areas, and international projects in transnational cooperation are commonplace. WES LandschaftsArchitektur has been operating internationally for a long time, having been in China for more than 20 years. WES shareholder Michael Kaschke reported on the developments and special features of the Chinese activities.








5月7日周二,汉堡2019年夏季建筑节在主题“寻觅现代社会的未来愿景”中开幕。今年同时有多个事件值得庆祝:包豪斯成立100周年;汉堡夏季建筑节举办25周年;WES 景观工作室成立50周年的庆祝也进入了周年纪念系列。 作为汉堡夏季建筑节的一部分,WES景观将于6月22日周六和6月23日周日两天举办小型展览,内容包括工作室从1969年建立至今的职业发展和工作项目。展览地点在erste liebe studios,开放时间为14:00-19:00。此外WES景观还将举办四场讲座,多方面展示他们的在景观行业中的工作和发展亮点。




2019年德国景观大奖WES荣获 “工作环境类奖项




校园连接 - 汉堡Lurup学校封顶
Lurup学校的校舍设计以该城市区域中的开放式建筑为理念。学校拥有光线充足的大厅,宽敞巨大的玻璃幕墙以及建筑前的平台广场,其中的社区学校和社区图书馆都对外开放供居民们使用。WES规划设计了Lurup学校的户外设施和景观,整个设计概念延续城市设计的脉络,又与建筑空间的理念相融合,营造出一种公园式的景观效果。2018年11月15日,汉堡财政参议员Andreas Dressel博士参与了工程封顶仪式,他不仅对工程进度表示满意,还对这个城市区域中连续开阔的美丽景色赞不绝口。




场地现状的挑战 - 慕尼黑Alfonsschule学校设计启动




赢得竞赛后,WES继续参与了Lazarus园区项目的建设过程。项目位于柏林米特区Bernauer路,由 Hoffnungstaler Stiftung Lobetal基金会委托,柏林公园式户外设施设计公司设计策划。在多个建筑单元和宽敞的户外空间的烘托下,Lazarus之家立于场地中央,为人们提供护理、临终关怀和辅助生活等专业护理服务。







September 2018

Future visions for Bahrenfeld
In the field of scientific structural research, DESY, the University of Hamburg and other scientific institutions are now considered world leaders. At the same time, the European XFEL, the planned Vorhornweg Technology Park and the new Luruper Chaussee Innovation Center promote the development of an international science park Hamburg / North. Currently the planning offices Spengler & Wiescholek, URBAN CATALYST and WES LandscapeArchitecture are developing in several wokshops together with the city of Hamburg, the University of Hamburg and DESY the future visions for the new Science Campus Bahrenfeld.

More information:



国际在线平台LANDZINE杂志将于2018年10月13日周六上午10点在汉堡港口城市大学举行的今年LILA(Landzine国际景观奖)的颁奖典礼。 在活动开幕时,汉堡高级建筑总监Franz Josef Höing和Antje Stokmann将向来宾们致欢迎辞。 之后的日程包括来自国际各地演讲者的讲座和讨论会。








作为美因茨大学的全科医疗中心和教学医院,科布伦茨联邦国防军中心医院是地区健康和教育的网络中心。2015年,魏斯景观在竞标过程中获得第一,从此一直致力于其户外设施的开发和重组。在新的开放空间概念中,整个场地是一个公园,在此之上建立建筑、景观和用户之间的和谐相关性。 平静又富有美感的设计,在提升整体休憩品质的同时,又为疗养的个人提供独立的导向和空间。








由魏斯景观的合伙人沃尔夫冈·贝茨先生(Wolfgang Betz)带领

由魏斯景观的合伙人彼得·莎茨先生(Peter Schatz)带领
集合地点:麦哲伦台阶,大草溪区(Großer Grassbrook)

由提姆·克拉森先生(Tim Clasen)和安妮格雷特·库妮女士(Annegret Kühne)代表辛奈克·魏伯格教授(Prof. Hinnerk Wehberg)带领
集合地点:Kaltenkirchener Str. 1-3, 埃托纳邮局正门,汉堡

由魏斯景观的合伙人彼得·莎茨先生(Peter Schatz)带领







维也纳的可持续发展城区: Viertel Zwei Plus地块揭幕
Viertel Zwei是奥地利首个获得ÖGNI白金认证的城区,而今年Viertel Zwei Plus地块的揭幕续写了它的成功故事。在魏斯景观及其他公司规划的这片占地21415平方米的无车区域中,面向未来的气候保护措施、经济和多用途建筑举措以及再生能源的制造成为了引领潮流的设计。开发工作还在继续:随着东部轴线的延伸和它在两栋高层建筑旁的完工,三期工程建设已经在规划中。




艺术的舞台: 阿尔特墙,汉堡
奥拉维尔·埃利亚松(Olafur Eliasson,艺术家)、卡罗拉·法伊特(Carola Veit,汉堡市议会主席)、弗朗茨-约瑟夫·霍因(Franz-Josef Höing,汉堡首席建筑主管)、安德里亚斯·霍夫曼教授(Prof. Dr. Andreas Hoffmann,布策里乌斯艺术论坛)和沃尔夫冈·贝茨(魏斯景观)在汉堡布策里乌斯艺术论坛组成一支高水平团队,回答关于阿尔特墙重新设计的问题。魏斯景观提出的开放空间概念简洁而优雅,将未来与过去结合在一起,并有力地强调了奥拉维尔·埃利亚松(Olafur Eliasson)雕刻的两座位于中央的艺术雕塑。广场的优雅设计使用了23米长的宽阔、优美的座位元素,创造出一片宁静的空间,并不露声色地强调了广场的庄严气质。




Groner Tor城市入口处的共享标识
魏斯景观在2016年凭借该项目获得一等奖,说明竞赛评委会完全被哥廷根Groner Tor开放空间清晰的设计理念说服了。以共享地毯为形式的整体地面覆盖以及中央是一片小树丛的公用开放空间区域为占地19354平方米的现场创造出相互连通的开放空间标识。概念取向鼓励使用全部开放空间,以促进交流、信息交换和协同作用。该项目的一期施工阶段将在4月开始,预计在2018年8月结束。




魏斯景观活动系列“魏斯论坛”今年的首次活动举办于2018年4月20日13:00-17:00,地点是汉堡的Sierichisches Forsthaus。克努特·赫尔曼博士(Dr. Knut Herrmann,来自MPA Braunschweig公司)和贝恩德·W·克鲁普卡(Bernd W. Krupka,规划师和专家,来自巴德皮尔蒙特)向魏斯景观的雇员介绍了绿化屋顶的新规章制度,并作为专家提供了重要的技术建议。在轻松氛围中进行的后续交流成功地延续了魏斯景观的培训活动。



光线明亮的建筑,美丽的公园设施,坐落在阿尔斯特湖畔得天独厚的位置——随着丰奈特大酒店的落成,汉堡将拥有德国最好的奢侈酒店之一。经过几次工期延长之后,备受期待的揭幕典礼将在2018年3月19日举行。在五年多的时间里,魏斯景观与Störmer, Murphy and Partners公司合作,设计并实现了该项目的户外设施。随着酒店揭幕和新种植阶段的完成,这座豪华酒店风景如画的户外空间设施将展现惊人的美丽。




根据保护实践进行翻新并“轻柔地铺设”/ 讲座,克劳斯·雷丁
在波恩艺术博物馆(Kunstmuseum Bonn)的创意环境中,Metten Stein+Design公司将帮助新活动系列“Freiraum-Gespräche”(关于开放空间的对话)的首次活动顺利进行,这次对话的主题是歌剧院。METTEN学院(METTEN Akademie)在首次研讨会中将科隆和奥斯陆的经典歌剧院作为对话焦点。魏斯景观执行合伙人克劳斯·雷丁携手歌剧院广场设计师JH·格吕梅尔(JH Grümmer)之女朱迪斯·格吕梅尔(Judith Grümmer),对科隆歌剧院项目提出的挑战发表了演讲,并在与来自奥斯陆Snohetta公司的演讲者帕特里克·吕特(Patrick Lüth)及感兴趣的专业听众的交流中讨论了这两个项目的特质。




市民参与: 巴特恩豪森市步行区的样本区域
为了对步行区进行重新设计,巴特恩豪森市政当局于2018年2月15日星期四16:00在德意志银行门前的广场上邀请市民参加一场公开听证会。魏斯景观的景观设计师兼执行合伙人彼得·沙茨(Peter Schatz)来到现场回答了关于项目规划和地面覆盖的问题。为了给出初步的视觉印象,现场摆放了6平方米的样本区域,并与当地市民讨论了该项目。




2015年,魏斯景观与汉堡社会服务组织f&w fördern und wohnen (AöR)及项目督导公司Drees & Sommer合作,设计了13个市政居住单元。由于时间的紧迫性,项目在一开始就需要团队合作的丰富经验以及充分的专业技能。在此后两年半的时间里,12个临时用途场地(例如停车通勤停车场,林中旷野)被“即兴”规划并建造成了模块式功能居住综合体,用于公共服务住宿。最终开发出的开放空间概念通过将适当的功能性与中央公共区域、宽敞绿化区域和休闲区,以及日常便利设施的良好设计相结合,营造出积极乐观的社区感。











Innogy SE公司的创新风企业园区
Innogy SE公司的新总部将被开发成一个位置居中、创意十足且强调可持续发展的园区设施,毗邻埃森市中心和火车总站。该公司想利用这个庞大的建筑项目踏上新的道路,创造出鼓励交流和创新、启发灵感的场所。方案设计由BAID建筑设计公司与魏斯景观建筑设计公司合作完成,并在一次竞赛中获得一等奖。计划在2018年举办奠基仪式,目标是2024年完成建筑综合体的施工。



从2017年11月开始,新建的独立弗劳恩霍夫能源经济和能源系统技术研究所的开工建设标志着卡塞尔市的一个旗舰项目的启动,该项目对于再生能源和可持续发展相关研究成果的应用起着举足轻重的作用。除了原有树木之外,仿佛风景公园的园区还融入了各种休闲和机动空间,构成占地32000平方米的建筑现场的开放空间,是由魏斯景观建筑设计公司与卡塞尔HHS建筑设计公司合作设计的。州长福尔克·布菲耶(Volker Bouffier)和弗劳恩霍夫协会主席雷蒙德·诺伊加贝尔教授(Prof. Dr. Reimund Neugaber)在一个象征性的奠基仪式上强调,这个花费6000万欧元的项目将起到重大辐射作用,奠定卡塞尔在能源转型中的先驱角色。



如何能够在大城市创造更多居住空间?在同一个地方生活和工作的前景如何?未来的机动性概念是什么?在室内培训系列讲座“魏斯讲坛”中,三位顶级专家克劳斯·奥弗迈耶教授(Prof. Dr. Klaus Overmeyer)、安德里亚斯·伦富贝尔博士(DI Dr. Andreas Rumphuber)和沃尔夫冈·穆勒-皮特拉拉(Wolfgang Müller-Pietralla)为这些极具话题性的主题提供了宝贵的启示。隶属于克劳斯·奥弗迈耶教授的城市催化剂工作室(Urban Catalyst Studio)被认为是参与导向型空间和城市开发的引领者,而奥地利建筑师安德里亚斯·伦富贝尔博士为整体主义的生活和工作场所提出了富于远见的概念。作为在大众汽车公司供职的未来学家,沃尔夫冈·穆勒-皮特拉拉用他对未来移动世界的畅想在听众中引发了激烈的讨论。



"其他地方" // 沃尔夫冈·贝茨在2017年北方艺术节建筑师和规划师日上的演讲
“再生:现存建筑中的新举措”这一口号让许多著名演讲者在2017年北方艺术节建筑师和规划师日——2017年9月21日——齐聚伦茨堡,谈论他们对现存建筑再生的想法,如卡洛琳·博斯教授(Prof Caroline Bos)、恩里克·索贝哈诺教授(Prof Enrique Sobejano)、乌特·施耐德(Ute Schneider)和名誉工学博士HG·默茨教授(Prof Dr.-Ing h.c. HG Merz)。在题为“其他地方”的演讲中,沃尔夫冈·贝茨从景观建筑的角度论述了建筑再生这一主题。



"它们还能得到保留么?" // 讲座克劳斯·雷丁


显露着岁月的痕迹,它们正在许多地方被人讨论:处处都是破败迹象的古老城市广场在时光流逝中发生了变化,它们需要得到至关重要的重新评估——它们是否还跟得上时代,是否还有功能性,是否还能给人美学上的愉悦感?在它们的实体和形象诞生的时代,它们一方面是文化资产,代表着一个建筑文化时代,另一方面它们肯定满足着某种功能上的需求,而这种功能现在已经改变了。古老公共广场的保留或放弃是根据许多因素、人和故事做出的决定。2017年9月14日,克劳斯·雷丁将在吕贝克 - 特拉沃明德(Lübeck-Travemünde)的城市论坛上阐述这一主题,强调“丧失-濒危-拯救”等方面。



改造措施有什么潜力?为了将德国全部建筑投资的超过70%投入到现存建筑中,必须采用哪种策略?除了经济和生态方面,现存建筑的改造和进一步建设为建筑文化的革新提供了施展空间。2017年9月,联邦建筑文化基金会(Bundesstiftung Baukultur)和北莱茵威斯特伐利亚城市建设文化协会(StadtBauKultur Nordrheinwestfalen)邀请演讲者参加波鸿的建筑文化研讨会“改造文化”论坛,为具体项目和主题讨论贡献关于这个主题的专题演讲。作为联邦建筑文化基金会的官方中心事件,这场建筑探讨会的结果将汇总在一年一度的建筑文化报告中,以现状报告的方式向政策制定者的行动提供建议。2018/19年度建筑文化报告的主题是“遗产。现存建筑。未来。”。



城市公共空间 // 与辛纳克·韦贝格和沃尔夫冈·贝茨(Wolfgang Betz)的专家访谈

更多信息: HESS-采访



辛纳克·韦贝格 // 50年的景观建筑和艺术
2016年,魏斯景观的联合创始人辛纳克·韦贝格在众多同事、伙伴、朋友和家人的陪伴下庆祝了自己的80岁生日。他们利用这个机会,为他办了一场展览作为生日礼物。7月份,在众多宾客的见证下,作为石勒苏益格-荷尔斯泰因州(Schleswig Holstein)夏季工作室的一部分,这位艺术家兼景观设计师的众多作品在吕特延塞(Lütjensee)的Alte Ziegelei展出。从绘画、素描、雕塑和材料研究,到设计图纸和项目文件,这场展览总结了他50年的景观建筑生涯。

更多信息: 展览开幕照片  (摄影:Emma Lou Herrmann)



在汉堡市政厅举办的首席建筑主管耶恩·沃尔特教授(Prof. Jörn Walter)官方退休典礼上,辛纳克·韦贝格发表了一篇传记体演讲,突出强调了沃尔特教授在双子城德累斯顿和汉堡的城市规划开发上取得的杰出成就。怀着对地点和人的强烈共情并且拥有热情洋溢的说服力,耶恩·沃尔特是人与思想之间的杰出媒介。在辛纳克·韦贝格心中,这位离任的首席建筑主管是未来的“Rijksbouwmeester”(荷兰语,首席政府建筑师),继荷兰楷模雅·柯伦(Jo Coenen)之后的又一位“建筑学的良心”。

奥拉夫·朔尔(Olaf Scholz)演讲



这座新建豪华酒店坐落在阿尔斯特湖畔,其户外设施由魏斯景观建筑设计公司设计,目前正在成形阶段。为了让更多人了解目前的施工状态,德国风景园林师协会汉堡分会将与魏斯景观一道,在2017622日周四16:00组织丰奈特大酒店(the FONTENAY)施工现场导览游。魏斯景观合伙人克劳斯·雷丁(Claus Rödding)将来到现场,解释户外设施的设计细节。



2017116周日11:00/ 欧洲吕贝克汉萨博物馆European Hansemuseum Lübeck
在建筑师安德里亚斯·海勒(Andreas Heller)的陪伴下加入导览团队游
魏斯景观建筑设计公司的辛纳克·韦贝格(Hinnerk Wehberg)和蒂姆·克拉森(Timm Clasen)陪伴你游览
201762514:00-18:00 / 魏斯景观柏林办事处
关于辛纳克·韦贝格教授(Professor Hinnerk Wehberg)的影片,他还是画家、雕塑家和景观设计师,魏斯景观建筑设计公司的联合创始人
试点项目“黑尔温克尔校园(Campus Hellwinkel)”
亨里克·韦贝格-克拉夫特(Henrike Wehberg-Krafft),硕士工程师,景观建筑/建筑
汉斯-赫尔曼·克拉夫特(Hans-Hermann Krafft),硕士工程师,景观建筑/建筑



随着“魏斯景观建筑设计(上海)有限公司”获颁执照,魏斯景观位于上海的这个新办事处已经开始运营。考虑到中国官方常常不愿意颁发长期执照,这次批准——发生在连续10年的开发工作之后——可以认为是魏斯景观未来能够在中国稳定开展业务的良好迹象。该办事处已经成功地规划和实施了数个项目,例如完成了上海东方体育中心为举办 2011年国际泳联世锦赛而增加的全部户外设施。

更多信息见: 营业执照,中国



在新的系列活动“WES魏斯讲座”中,WES魏斯景观建筑将和各位专家就城市开发、建筑和开放空间规划等不同主题展开会话和交流。2017年3月6日,Heiko Sieker博士、教授(霍珀加滕——水敏感的城市发展)、Carmen Biber(2017年硕士论文——高级城市树)和Anne Kittel(汉堡港口城市大学——Klimzug Nord)将介绍他们对雨水管理这一主题的贡献/主旨发言并进行讨论。然后发言人将涉及从当前研究发现到最佳实践案例的多个主题。WES办公室有几张内部活动的客户票,如果您感兴趣,我们将十分荣幸地邀请您参加。



WES管理合伙人Claus Rödding
WES魏斯景观建筑将再次以奉献、激情和专业精神,迎接今年富有挑战性的新项目。为了管理越来越多的任务,前执行董事Claus Rödding在今年年初被任命为新的管理合伙人,与Peter Schatz、 Wolfgang Betz、Michael Kaschke和Henrike Wehberg-Krafft并肩工作。凭借他在办公室工作18年所积累的知识和经验,Claus Rödding将为WES的管理层注入新鲜血液,为德国国内和国外的未来工作保证连续性和稳定性。



"作为城市拼图的城市试验区" // 维也纳Neu Marx 地区创新性城区开发二等奖
作为一支跨学科团队,COBE Architects Berlin、Studio Vlay、Expander Design、Vienna/Andreas Rumpfhuber和WES魏斯景观建筑用极富创新性的设计参加了“共同设计Neu Marx”大赛。对于这个正在进行开发的城区,设立理念提出了一种类似马赛克拼图的结构,将它划分为不同的功能区,并将一座“大房子”作为新园区的中心。生活、工作和研究将以一种多样化的方式融合和连接,形成一个“巨型园区”。拼图状分区的交叉区域形成互相连接的开放空间,基于空间共享的理念,绿意葱茏的林荫道、微型公园、花园和台地构成了所有人都能平等分享的公共空间。切线沿线和下方的现有空间将被开发成一个迷人的公园,并作为“切线带”为体育运动和休闲提供多种多样的机会。这一不同寻常的设计理念创造出以过程为导向的基本结构,为使用者提供用于开发和变化的空间,与此同时为该地区的自我定位提供了基于环境且有条理的帮助。



使用常识的批判性思维 // “ Hinnerk Wehberg 迎来80岁寿辰” 
48年以来,德国最负盛名的景观建筑师之一Hinnerk Wehberg用他不同寻常的理念和热烈的讨论——如今仍乐于参与当下的争论——塑造了建筑景观的样貌。早在1969年,由Gustav Lange(一位在丹麦训练出来的景观建筑师)、Gundolf Eppinger(景观建筑师)、Wieland Schmidtke(平面设计师/电影制作人)和Hinnerk Wehberg(画家/雕刻家)组成的WES创始团队就在“绿色挖掘机和地球工作者”的口号下凝聚成了一支跨学科团队。2016年11月,众多合作伙伴、老同事、朋友和家人在汉堡齐聚一堂,庆祝Hinnerk Wehberg的80岁寿辰,回顾他们在生活和工作中共同经历的历史。



种苹果树 //OTTO林荫大道

位于汉堡 - 布拉姆费尔德的OTTO公司正在改造其户外空间:一个高品质的园区正在兴起,提供了一个用于户外会面和工作的迷人场所,与此同时还创造出许多休憩和沟通的机会。
经过6个月的建设后,新林荫大道的种植将会在10月底开始进行。2016年10月28日,部门董事会成员Katy Roewer和部门主管 Gesa Heinrichs博士将象征性地种下两棵苹果树,以纪念该项目这一里程碑式的进展。



September 17/18, 2016

Elbfest.Hamburg // A festival commemorating the 150th birthday of the Sandtorhafen
Under the motto "Schippern. Schnacken. Schlendern" (Boating. Chatting. Strolling), in September the new port anniversary festival will not only celebrate maritime tradition but also contemporary life along the River Elbe. Entrance is gratis and the event programme will be spread across three locations: the Sandtorhafen in HafenCity, the Hafenmuseum in the 1950s warehouse and by the River Elbe.
WES LandscapeArchitecture has designed several of the open spaces in the surrounding area of the HafenCity, together with EMBT / Enric Miralles + Benedetta Tagliabue, Barcelona (E) - another good reason for making a late summer visit to the "mini port anniversary".

For more information please see: ELBFEST Hamburg
For more information about the WES project please see: Western HafenCity


September 1, 2016

Office inauguration Shanghai
In order to supervise Asian projects directly on location and create more closeness between the clients and contracting bodies, WES LandscapeArchitecture opened a new office in Shanghai on 01.09.2016. Yihan Chen, Chief Representative for WES on the Chinese market, will be responsible for managing the new office location in Asia and will maintain close links with the head office in Hamburg.


September 2016

Completion of the Offenbachplatz in Cologne
The renovation of the Offenbachplatz in Cologne provides an opportunity to make the entire urban space perceptible and tangible again and to highlight the special quality of the district. At the same time, the measures will provide a contemporary setting for the stages. The Offenbachplatz with an area in front of the opera in the Tunisstraße, as well as the smaller area in front of the Schauspielhaus in the Brüderstraße, was subject to comprehensive planning by WES LandscapeArchitecture and extensively redesigned. During the refurbishment, great importance was placed on the restoration of the squares, in line with the heritage guidelines and the concept of the Cologne-based artist Jürgen Hans Grümmer, who designed the site in 1966/67. Once the construction work is complete, the squares will be open to the public.
Unlike the open spaces, the refurbishment of the SCHAUSPIEL at Offenbachplatz will not be completed by the beginning of the season 2016/17. Theatre director Stefan Bachmann hence came up with an unusual artistic device: He will use the unfinished venue as an "outdoor venue at Offenbachplatz". Young directors will stage contemporary and debut performances in this unique setting. This will culturally revive the location, despite all the discussion around constructional and financial aspects, and will return it to its original importance.


July 27, 2016

Awarding of professional services contract (VOF) | „Barock trifft Moderne” in Saarbrücken
The project „Barock trifft Moderne” (Baroque meets Modernism) is dedicated to the conservation and further development of the baroque and postwar-modernist built heritage in the urban district Alt‐Saarbrücken, in the Eisenbahnstraße area. Here, the axes of outstanding architectural references to the two phases that were of great importance for the urban development of Saarbrücken meet in a small space: The baroque axis meets Ludwig’s Church, Ludwigsplatz (Ludwig’s Square), the Friedenskirche (Peace Church) and Wilhelm-Heinrich-Straße.In addition, the axis of postwar modernism meets the Eisenbahnstraße and the site designed by the architect Stengel.
A large variety of individual measures, implemented over many years and thus meeting with acceptance, were influenced by eras such as that of the car-friendly city, which led in total to negative changes and restricted utilization. In addition to the functional retrofitting of both baroque churches, restoration work has been carried out to enhance the existing building substance. This has generated an „added value” for cultural and tourist goals, in addition to the church activities, and has modified the public space to meet with current urban planning requirements.
The aim of the project is to enliven both the baroque axis and the postwar modernist axis by the end of 2018, making them much more perceivable within the cityscape.
We are delighted to plan and supervise the implementation of this transformation in the centre of Saarbrücken, in the context of an open space and traffic concept together with the engineering consultants ARNDT IDC.

For more information (in German): Barock trifft Moderne
Our professional and freelance services (VOF) partner: ARNDT IDC


June 26, 2016

Festive inauguration of market and Querfurter Straße // Bad Lauchstädt
On Sunday, 26th June 2016, the Minister of Transport and Urban Development in Saxony-Anhalt, Thomas Webel, and 1000 other guests are invited to the official inauguration of the market and Querfurter Straße in Bad Lauchstädt, redesigned by WES LandschaftsArchitektur. These building measures hence complete the implementation of the plans of Johann Wilhelm Chryselius for the design of the spa gardens with an avenue of four rows of trees along the Querfurter Straße. One of the important main axes of the facility, leading from the castle door, past the well to the spa building and the Goethe Theatre are now tangible once again. In addition, the castle, historic spa facility and the Goethe Theatre will be restored to their full glory as a striking ensemble. The redesign is a synergy of the history of the former fashionable Saxonian baths and contemporary demands. The result is a conclusive open space with a high quality of design and modernity.


June 25/26, 2016

Architecture for everyone // Day of Architecture 2016 in North Rhine-Westphalia
WES will present two projects at this year’s „Day of Architecture”:  the theatre square in Gütersloh as a „city entrance with new parquet flooring” and the restoration of the opera district surrounding Offenbachplatz in Cologne, with its listed buildings. In several guided tours, the respective WES project managers will provide direct insights into the development and implementation of the projects.
On the occasion of the nationwide „Day of Architecture”, 325 buildings, quarters, gardens and parks in 147 cities and municipalities of Nordrhein-Westfalen will be open to the visitors on June 25 and 26, 2016. Interested persons are invited to attend presentations by architects, interior designers, landscape architects and urban planners, outlining their current projects.

For more information please see: Tag der Architektur in Nordrhein-Westphalen programme
For more information about the WES project please see: Theatre plaza Gütersloh


June 25, 2016

Architecture for everyone // Open day for Berlin architectural offices
Traditionally, the „Day of Architecture” is held on the last weekend of June. In addition, in the state of Berlin, the participating planning offices will be open to the public. WES LandschaftsArchitektur, in collaboration with Hans-Hermann Krafft, is delighted to take part in this event. On June 25, 2016, between 2pm and 6pm, we will give an insight into the WES office and projects. All the dates and events for the „Day of Architecture” in Berlin and the further German Federal States will be published on the Internet under www.tag-der-architektur.de.

Office address:
WES LandschaftsArchitektur with Hans-Hermann Krafft, Reichenberger Straße 124, 10999 Berlin (1st entrance on the right in front of the gateway)
Open office: Saturday, June 25, 2016, 2pm–6pm

More information: Tag der Architektur programme


May 2016

Competition prizes in China // Nanjing Financial City - Phase II and Greenland Shenwan, Shanghai
Two initial competition prizes were won by gmp Architekten and WES LandschaftsArchitektur in China: Together with schlaich bergermann partner–sbp gmbh from Stuttgart, we came out top in the realization competition for Nanjing Financial City, a new mixed-use commercial district with an area of 65,000 m2 in the southwest of the metropolis Nanjing. The successful phase II is considered to be a key project that aims to connect two urban axes in Nanjing’s urban expansion district Hexi New Town. The open space planning in the midst of the ensemble of five multi-storey buildings envisages a green north-south axis in the form of a green canyon with squares, courtyards set between the tall buildings and a fascinating view of the Hexi New Town district.
An additional 1st prize was awarded to our co-operation partner for the project “Greenland Shenwan, Shanghai” for the joint design of the new commercial centre in Yangjing in the north of Pudongn, close to the financial centre Lujiazui. A strong feature of this area is its close proximity to the Huangpu River and Yangpu bridge, existing residential buildings and former port facilities. The new commercial centre is linked to this area and the scale of the buildings also harmonizes with the surroundings. The open space planning envisages a large number of pathways, courtyards, roof gardens and terraces between the thirteen detached, villa-like commercial buildings.

For more information please visit: GMP Architects


April 2016

Successful competition projects // Western section of Augsburg main station and Tower 90, Frankfurt
The architectural office schneider & schumacher from Frankfurt/ Main and WES LandschaftsArchitektur were successful in a second competition round for the realization of the design of the western section of Augsburg main station.
The competition “Tower 90” was won in collaboration with the architectural offices MAGNUS KAMINARZ & CIE. ARCHITEKTUR from Frankfurt am Main and JAHN ARCHITEKTUR from Chicago. The competition concept plans the design of a multi-storey apartment building with an adjacent perimeter block development in the Europaviertel in Frankfurt am Main. The innovative and identity-forming theme is “hanging gardens”.


April 30, 2016

Opening of Hamburger Kunsthalle after modernisation
Following almost two years of building work, the modernized areas of the Hamburger Kunsthalle will be inaugurated with an extensive supporting programme. The modernization will reinforce the international standing of the institution, increase its appeal for visitors and strengthen the presence of the building within the public space.
The building project was based on the mission to emphasize the historical main entrance of the foundation building and reopen it as a central and attractive entrance portal vis-à-vis the Alster Lake. The entrance stairway, no longer in use since 1919 now leads to the open arcade, which has now been exposed again, in which a wide glass façade provides an unobstructed view of the Alster.
In addition to the redesign of the exhibition spaces, the modernization of the art education rooms and the refurbishment of the central painting and sculpture depot, the state of Hamburg has made a decision to extensively refurbish and enhance the outdoor area. On the same level as the Kunsthalle building, WES has created a new promenade in the form of a central walkway along the Glockengießerwall and has equipped it with seating, plantings and a barrier-free connection to the Alster Lake, the latter in the form of a new wheelchair accessible ramp, the integration of tactile elements in the flooring and the redesign of the existing stairway. Finally, in order to set the Kunsthalle building on a historical, green base, the supporting walls will be covered with ivy along the whole line of the Glockengießerwall.

For more information please see: Modernisation of the Hamburger Kunsthalle and Opening of the Hamburger Kunsthalle


March 22 + 23, 2016

HafenCity Hamburg | Planting of large trees at the Elbphilharmonie
Following the planting of the first three Robinia trees from Brandenburg in 2011 on the lower terrace of the Elbphilharmonie outdoor space, now four more large trees will be able to move to Hamburg HafenCity. All the tree plantings were planned by the Spanish architectural office EMBT, in collaboration with WES Landschaftsarchitektur, in the context of designing the western HafenCity.
„The idea was to find trees which give the impression that they have always been there, ones which have a striking appearance that stands out next to the Elbphilharmonie”, said the WES partner responsible for the project, Peter Schatz.
The magnificent Robinia trees originate from the tree nursery LORBERG, are up to 15 m high, weigh around 8 t and are almost a quarter of a century old. A flatbed vehicle with excess width will transport them from Berlin's surrounding area to Hamburg. There, the giants will be lifted up high by a crane, against the beautiful background of the Elbe River, and finally placed in the prepared planting holes on the upper terrace of the Elbphilharmonie outdoor area.

For more information about the WES-project please see: Western HafenCity, Hamburg


March 11, 2016

Exhibition opening | DA! Architecture in and from Berlin
With currently 67 projects, in the 17th annual exhibition members of Berlin Chamber of Architects will present diverse and creative solutions for contemporary construction tasks, from the fields of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and urban planning. The exhibits also include the project „Markt Goethestadt Bad Lauchstädt”, developed by WES LandscapeArchitecture in collaboration with Hans-Hermann Krafft.
On Friday, March 11, 2016, at 8 pm, the „DA!” exhibition will be opened in „Stilwerk” (Kantsraße 17, 10623 Berlin) and can be visited between March 12 and April 9, 2016, on Monday - Saturday between 8 am and 8 pm.

For more informationen about the exhibition please see: Chamber of Architects Berlin
For more informationen about the project please see: WES-project Markt Goethestadt Bad Lauchstädt




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2015年夏天,一个针对整体公共校园空间的设计竞赛“柏林-泰格尔机场-城市科技共和国”, 一个为城市技术发展研究而建造的工业和研究公园在前泰格尔机场。
随着在规划的柏林新机场,空中交通将被整合在一个新的中央空中交通枢纽。当前的泰格尔机场将因此失去其以前的作为机场的使用功能, 这个场地将成为城市发展的区域。将会有一个独特的机会面向未来发展的约为495公顷的创新社区。
从场地上随处可见之前被用作机场的痕迹。设计方案寻求将这些痕迹整合到“柏林-泰格尔机场-城市科技共和国”之中, 也作为一个历史的回忆。竞赛任务主要为通过有形的设计和规划去转变。比赛的总占地面积大约是26公顷,其中11公顷的竞赛设计的主体。
2015年12月陪审团会议后, 竞赛结果将会以一个展览向感兴趣的公众展示。WES和H.-H Krafft以及raumlaborberlin联合设计参与了竞赛, 并获得了第四名。
活动地点: Neues Stadthaus (Otto-Suhr-Saal, 3rd floor), Parochialstraße 1-3, Berlin
展会开幕时间: 8 pm

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2016年2月4日 第二次

随着系列座谈会“ Architects not Architecture ”在2015年11月的成功开始 (Hinnerk Wehberg),在今晚Jan Störmer, Julia Erdmann 和 Volkwin Marg三位建筑师将关于 “什么影响他们”,“他们分别从自己的经验中学到了什么” 在汉堡青年音乐学校的Miralles厅进行讨论。
关于建筑的讨论会被减少取而代之的是更多关于建筑师本身的讨论。活动组织者Fermin Tribaldos说, ”从来没有一个赢得很多奖项的人,是不需要向别人学习的”,他邀请建筑师和感兴趣的公众来参与这样一个令人鼓舞的对话。
活动地点: Staatliche Jugendmusikschule / Miralles Saal, Mittelweg 42, Hamburg
时间: 19:00-21:30

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